EDIT Shows NYWFashion 2017

This week was one of the best event experiences I have had. I was given the opportunity to do some onsite work for my friend Alexandra. Alex is the Show Director of EDIT, a high end fashion tradeshow that is owned and put on by the same group as Coterie, Moda, and others.


EDIT blew me away. I expected a tradeshow and instead was presented a highly curated, multi-designer showroom. Alex is meticulous at sourcing appropriate designers, placing them on the show floor in a carefully designed pattern, and delivering an EXPERIENCE rather than a standard marketplace.





These designers showcase such beautiful items, I was overwhelmed. Everywhere you look were innovative, interesting fashion choices, running the gamut from printed knitwear to avant garde lace gowns and glittery tuxedo jackets to cotton candy colored furs. Check out some of these incredible exhibitors! Obsessed. I need a “store” so I can get these whole sale prices. Everything at EDIT is incredibly high end, which means that even the wholesale price point is a stretch for me. Swooning over everything here and dreaming about being a lot richer (and thinner).


Coterie is the large exhibition that takes place simultaneously. EDIT is a much more niche market, Coterie has all of the major brands looking for retail clients. They also put on some serious tradeshow highlights. In particular, I was blown away by the Coterie Experience. This was a carefully designed showroom that implemented augmented reality to showcase designers lookbooks and brands. It was done to show retailers the next wave of the future. Using ipads, they toured groups through two showrooms, both designed impeccably and showed press, attendees, and exhibitors how the technology worked. Along the way they included bold colors, prints, and even holograms.





As you can see, Coterie is a significantly different experience than the EDIT show.



One of my favorite brands was exhibiting at Coterie, so I made my way over to her booth after I checked out the Cot. Experience. Alex with Persifor is SUCH a hustler and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She was out there working that booth, all day, every day. I feel very strongly about supporting women owned small businesses, especially when they work as hard for their success as she does! Persifor is such a luxurious brand that makes women of all sizes look good! I am obsessed with their gorgeous prints and high quality materials. This line in particular is gorgeous!! New dress styles and so many prints! I’m dying. I absolutely need all of these.





Downstairs, I was delighted to discover that my lovely friend Camilyn Beth was showcasing at EDIT! I literally arrived and was waiting to start my day during move in when Cami showed up to set up her booth! Such a coincidence! Because this was so last minute, I hadn’t even looked to see who was exhibiting… and had packed one of her dresses to wear for the show. Another supremely talented and incredibly kind individual, I was so happy to get so spend some time with Cami as one of the exhibitors of the show I was working! Aren’t those bell sleeves to die for? Her new line is full of bell and flutter sleeves with little details like bows and color blocking, and touches of lace and tulle everywhere. Her colleague, Nicole, is also incredibly sweet. Check out the new Camilyn Beth CAPE that she is showing off. In love.





As they were promoting some of their new lines, Mark Badgley and James Mischka did a personal appearance at EDIT! This was during their interview with the Daily. I was assigned to be the point of contact for the personal appearance, and these gentleman and their team could not have been more lovely! I have long admired their aesthetic. They create such elegant and timeless pieces with the perfect touch of glamour. They have always epitomized old hollywood style. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet them, and to assist with their appearance. As I said, they could not have been more pleasant to work with.




Many of the designers at EDIT brought in models to showcase their looks. These girls were so sweet, and looked incredible!



Can I just take a second to point out my OBSESSION with this skirt. Tulle? Sequins? Stars? I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. NEED. The designer is Elisabetta Franchi, and I will probably be dreaming about this skirt for years.


We even had Haute in Habit blogger, Lainy Hedaya stop by to promote the show. She shot a look in an Elisabetta Franchi jumpsuit, and looked amazing. It was fun helping her find a look and the best place to shoot. She’s a complete sweetheart. In her photos she has such a high fashion, edgy look, it was nice to meet her in real life to discover she’s super tiny and super cute.



Isn’t Alex lovely? So thankful to be able to work on this masterpiece of an event with my beautiful friend! Thank you for a week full of amazing experiences! Until next time!



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