Pietro Nolita and Stella 34 Trattoria in NYC

It was an insane couple of days in New York, but I managed to squeeze in two dinners with friends to places I had not tried before.

Everyone has been raving about Pietro Nolita, so I felt that I needed to check it out!


Firstly, this restaurant is SMALL. They had interesting table configurations to maximize the space and tetris shaped tables! It was so charming! The other reason is that it is bedecked in pink. It’s cute and fun, and full of little sartorical details everywhere. Like these hilarious napkins / menus.




We were unprepared for how insanely delicious the meal was going to be. We started off with the carpaccio di tonna (tuna carpaccio on a cracker). It had a little bit of lemon zest and olive oil. I was blown away by the simplicity of the ingredients and how powerful the flavor was. I could have ordered these all night. Delish!


We then had the insultate di carote which consisted of (shaved carrots with honey, pine nuts, orange zest, and pecorino). The carrots had just the right amount of crunch, the orange and honey were incredibly flavorful, and we never would have thought that this would have been as over the top delicious as it was! I am still craving more…


For dinner I got a gluten free version of the fusilli al limone which had lemon, brussels sprouts, almonds, ricotta salata, and parmigiano reggiano. I couldn’t stop eating this. Everything we ate had strong flavors and great textures. Again, the almonds added a welcome crunch to the dish, and I was ecstatic that they offered gluten free options.

We finished the evening with a yummy panna cotta.


The bathroom was WILD. It’s completely wallpapered (including the vanity) with these LoveMe stickers. Explosion of pink!


The little book shelf in the “waiting” area had this hilarious no smoking sig and a bench in marquee black and white that is right up my alley.


We had a wonderful experience. If you find yourself in NYC, I cannot recommend this place enough. Go early in the evening as it gets crowded later on.


Dinner on Monday night with Alex was at Stella 34 Trattoria which is a cozy Italian place that happens to be in the Herald Square Macys. They have plenty of vegetarian options for her, and gluten free options for me! The best part is the magnificent view of the Empire State Building. It’s absolutely a hidden gem. No one would think to find fine dining in the building of a department store, but the menu is excellent and the view can’t be beat!


Rosè and the Empire, what’s not to love?


I started with their crudo which consisted of scallops with pistachio crema, blood orange, basil, and candied pistachio. It was divine.


At Alex’s recommendation, I had the cavofiori soup. Cauliflower puree with black truffles and rosemary salt? Yes, please! Rich and creamy, but not too heavy. Alex ordered us a side of brussels sprouts as well, and I was in heaven.


As a main, I couldn’t resist the spaghettini with black truffle and parmigiano once I learned they could make it gluten free! Again, so yummy. I probably ate far too much pasta this trip, but it’s hard to resist true italian pasta when it’s gluten free!


We finished with the torrone semifreddo, with candied almond, hazelnut, pistachio, orange zest, whip cream, and  chocolate shaving.


Dining in Manhattan is always such a good experience for me!

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