White Dress on Black Broadway

U Street is an area that is gentrifying quickly, so it is nice to see that it still retains some of its roots. U Street used to be Black Broadway and some of the greatest musicians played. I was so sad when Bohemian Caverns closed. It felt like another sign of an era ending. I remember listening to live performances at that venue, and it was wonderful. 



I felt like this mural symbolized the area. A butterfly growing and blossoming, but still retaining its beauty and character.


It was a gorgeous day out; warm sunny, and screaming for a sundress. I love this white strapless dress from Lilly Pulitzer. I got it in the after party sale, but it’s still available on some sites. I love the peekaboo lace band around the waist that adds a playful little detail. Strapless dress definitely called for a statement necklace, so I broke out this beautiful Loren Hope Alex necklace from many years ago. It was quite windy out, so you can see the windswept hair. These turned out well, but you should see all the shots with my hair all in my face and me pulling strands out of my lipstick.




Dress: Lilly Pulitzer



Nate and I paused by some other street art and a nice girl offered to take a photo of the two of us. We had a lot of stuff with us, so we were using our giant tote bag from Crab and Cleek. LOVE them. Isn’t the classic woody pattern darling? Got our Starbucks, so the sign certainly reads true. There wasn’t any reason to be angry on this gorgeous day!



Nate poses by the PBR mural.



A bunch of people were passing through as we were shooting. This guy, asked me to take a photograph for him. The lighting was grate that day, and I felt like they came out really beautifully, so here’s one of the photos I took. I’m much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, so it’s nice to be able to share some of my work sometimes.



Republic Gardens is now closed as well. Ella Fitzgerald performed here. Another part of historic Black Broadway that is now shut down.



At least there is still love on U Street.

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