Lilly x Starbucks and Unicorn Macarons

As soon as I hear rumors of the collaboration, I really wanted a Lilly Swell bottle. I knew that they would sell out instantly. I stalked all the local Starbucks. I called around. Most in my area didn’t receive them, and the two that did were sold out long before the release date. No one knew when or if they would restock. It was all a guessing game. When the release date came and went, I now see the $39.95 bottles for sale on eBay and Poshmark for over $100 a piece. When they did the online release, the site crashed, (I had my bottle in my cart and it wouldn’t let me check out for 15 minutes of buffering, and then of course it was out of stock when the buffering cleared). To my surprise and delight, Nate somehow managed to get me one. (Major brownie points right there). He surprised me with it and I was pretty over the moon.

So here’s the thing with limited edition items. I get the point. It’s cool and fun and the viral intensity of securing a sought after limited item gives people a rush. For things like Lilly Pulitzer, I kind of wish it wouldn’t be such a madhouse. The After Party Sale is one thing. If you are so desperate to get a specific item, buy it retail priced and make sure you get it… But for things like the Lilly for Target and the Lilly Swell bottles which are designed to bring Lilly to a group of people who might not be able to afford it normally, or to branch into a non traditional segment (i.e. Lilly for home), it just creates an unneccessary cluster. Look, half my wardrobe is Lilly. I buy it retail, I buy the APS, I buy from boutiques all over. I was absolutely wild for the Lilly for Target umbrella and I remember the chaos with when it went online. I was flying home from somewhere, so I couldn’t do he store opening, and I heard people were basically animals and everything sold out within 10 minutes. Almost everything ended up online for resale after. People buy out all of the stock and then jack up the price online. If you waited long enough, you could get it for basically the retail price. (Except those mugs… I am still trying to find an affordable set)! I think both Lilly and Target missed out on a lot of people’s money. They sold out and then the limited quantity and no restock left the best profit to the vultures who bought it all out instantly to turn a profit. I was lucky. Months later I got my umbrella, and the Pom Pom chairs, and most of the barware for retail prices and I love it all.

I don’t mean to sound negative, I just think clearly history has shown that there is a huge demand for Lilly print items, and these collaborations should triple and quadruple their stock so that Lilly fans can get one without the insane instant sell outs and the resale market won’t be as crazy. The point is, if you were not so lucky to secure your swell bottle (or any mass produced limited item -oxymoronic isn’t it?), DON’T PANIC and order one one far too much money! Wait it out, and the prices will drop because people will tire of having this item they bought to sell sitting around cluttering up their space.

On a brighter and more awesome note… So, I love unicorns, and when I saw this INSIDER clip about UNICORN MACARONS (um, two favorite things), I called my friend Jenn to freak out. Sadly, the Mac Lab Bakery doesn’t ship yet, but it turns out Jenn’s mom lives 10 minutes away from them. Jenn’s mom Betsy (who I adore), sent me a little care package with unicorn macarons… Isn’t she the sweetest? These are so adorable I can’t stand it! The bakery said that they were unprepared for the demand and are actively working on a shipping option for the future. Woo! ps. Check out their facebook page if you get the chance. They also make a gorgeous unicorn cake!  🦄

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