Seven Magic Mountains in  Donna Morgan 

While I have been to Las Vegas many times for work, I have never had the opportunity to make it outside of the main part of the city. There is an art installation by Ugo Rondinone called Seven Magic Mountains about 20 minutes south of Las Vegas. I love public art, and have been dying to see this ever since it went up in May of 2016. Since I knew I had a little time to kill on Sunday, I asked my friends Jesse and MJ if they wanted to join me!



The installation is gorgeous, and very popular. So many people were there taking photos. It was disheartening to see people climbing all over the piece, even though there are very specific warnings not to do so. It makes me sad when people desecrate art work in the name of a selfie. The beautiful multi color boulders were stacked very high. The colors were the only thing that reminded me we were in Las Vegas. Having never really ventured outside of the strip, it’s a dramatic shift from the giant neon lights to suddenly being in the desert.






Jesse and Me!


I chose this to die for Donna Morgan dress. I had seen it online, and immediately fell in love. It’s very similar to last year’s stunning Azalea dress (that I have been lusting over forever and does not even remotely fit me well). I have always liked Donna Morgan, but her latest dresses are particularly lovely! So impressed with her current collection, but most of all this yellow dress. I had to, had to, HAD TO have it! Something about this dress seemed like it belonged for a walk in the desert, so I chose to wear it to go see the artwork.


Isn’t the desert a breathtaking backdrop? I had never ventured outside of the strip into the desert, so this was a new and exciting opportunity for me. Just beautiful!


I love the movement in this dress. The yellow, the lace, and the bodice design are all so pretty! I don’t normally wear dresses quite this long, but in this case, I think the length worked.


MJ explained to me that the Joshua trees take forever to age. Some are hundreds of years old! I decided to examine one closer up, but not TOO close! Those spines have prickles!



MJ and Jesse brought their dogs along to walk around. How precious is Miss Scally?



MJ, Jesse, the three pups, and me.




Overall, it was a wonderful day in an indescribably beautiful location with great friends. Feeling so grateful to have this opportunity.

Dress: Donna Morgan | Necklace: Loren Hope | Sandals: Jack Rogers


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