Brunch at Garrison


There are many delightful brunch spots in Washington, DC. Nate and I meet up with some friends in our old neighborhood to check out Garrison. They have really transformed the space into a fun, rustic atmosphere. The bar had a great list of beers and ciders, and some yummy sounding cocktails.



Nate ordered duck sausage biscuits with sunny side up eggs. I had to sneak some of the sausage patties. It was divine. Even though they weren’t gluten free, I needed some of the biscuits as well. Buttery and yummy.




Grilled cheese sandwiches with green salad.


Parker House roll was the first time I have seen taylor ham aka pork roll on a brunch menu in DC. It did not disappoint. The non gluten free roll (eep) was buttery and full of flavor and just the right textures, with the right mix of flakiness without falling apart. When you pair a sweet cocktail with a sandwich it gives the meal just the right kick.


I definitely recommend Garrison. It was a yummy, casual get together, and the food and drinks were extremely solid!


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