Pink Persifor at the Flamingo

I have long been obsessed with this perfect, pink Persifor Winpenny dress. While in Vegas last week, I decided this dress and my Kate Spade flamingo shoes were the perfect outfit to wear to the Flamingo.



The Flamingo is the oldest casino/hotel on the strip, and one of the only “original” vegas casinos left. The bright pink lights have always been some of my favorites on the strip! While it’s not a luxurious property like the Venetian/Palazzo, Cosmo, or Wynn, there’s a certain charm that the older properties possess that makes me love grabbing a cocktail inside and play a few rounds of penny slots.



How can you not love all these flamingos?






Flamingo shoes and pink curbside.





Pink Persifor dress, pink railings, pink windows, Kate Spade Flamingo flats, and pink flamingos at the Flamingo. Sheer happiness. 🙂






Dress: Persifor


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