Cold Day in Alexandria

The weather in the MidAtlantic is incredibly unpredictable. It was a beautiful week in the 70’s, and suddenly it turned below freezing with snow falls. The warm weather had caused the cherry blossoms to bloom, so it was an interesting dichotomy between the snow and the delicate white flowers.


Such sweet little beauties!


For me, it was FREEZING. Thank goodness for my Barbour jacket. I wrapped myself up, because it was just so cold! With the warm spell, I was unprepared for just how dramatically the temperature had dropped! It’s warm again now and the cherry blossoms have survived to bloom. I’m headed to Orlando for a few days, so I thought I’d post about the snow that came two weeks ago (and perhaps will again when I return home).





The other fun moment for me was this flutter top from Draper James. The little cherry blossoms on the top went with the blooming cherry blossoms around Old Town. I paired it with my navy skirt from Brooks Brothers.








Cherry Blossom tunnel



Jacket: Barbour | Top: Draper James | Necklace: Loren Hope | Purse: Kate Spade  (similar)



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