Deep Blu Dining in Orlando

I spend a great deal of time in Orlando for work. And while the palm trees and sunshine are nothing to sneeze at, I have not been overwhelmed with my dining choices as a foodie who tends to avoid chain restaurants. (The exception being of course, Ocean Prime, because it’s just a spectacular establishment, and we love the general manager)!


On a trip last year, I met up with my friend Sarah at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek for dinner and a drink. She was wrapping up a business meeting at the hotel, so we decided to stay local and see what the hotel restaurant had to offer. Firstly, the Bonnet Creek properties are all lovely. They’re right on the edge of the Disney World campus, but sequestered away to feel like a lush oasis in a sea of tourist traps.


Deep Blu is a beautiful restaurant, and the food is divine. They have very fresh fish, but also delicious cuts of meat.




Their cocktails in a beaker!



This is their edamame in motion. I couldn’t capture it, but the edamame is sprinkled with dancing bonita flakes, shallots, and garlic. The heat makes the bonita flakes wave. It’s fun.


This was just scrumptious. The seared scallops and corn puree was perfectly cooked, and the corn puree was creamy and added just the right bite of flavor. The parmesan crisp was extremely tasty as well.



The short rib is tender and so yummy. I was depressed that it was a Lentan Friday and I could not partake! The root vegetables were just right and words fail me with the whipped potatoes.


I got the chirashi. The presentation was tremendous. I particularly enjoyed the butterfly carrot. The sushi is so fresh and flavorful. While I will eat sushi all day, there is something special for when you are presented with the high grade quality that Deep Blu delivers.  I enjoyed every morsel. I also greatly appreciated the variety of different fish that was included.



The dessert? We went back and forth, and finally decided to get the sampler. I wanted two of these options so badly! The creme brulee and nutella cheesecake! The key lime was the one item on the menu that I wasn’t feeling. How little I knew. The key lime (show below that looks like a plate of sushi) was not only the best dessert presentation I have seen in a long time, but it was also the most delicious.


They created little sugar “fish eggs” and cut the key lime into sushi pieces! So original and so lovely. Not to mention so delicious.






This restaurant always delivers. It’s not my first time dining here, and will surely not be my last. This hotel is really beautiful. If I wasn’t such a stickler for a Hilton property, I’d stay here in a heartbeat. I absolutely think the Wyndham Bonnet Creek is one of the nicest properties in Orlando. And it has a phenomenal restaurant to boot!

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