The Glamorous Event Consultant Life

Six months ago, I left my position to get myself readjusted and I have been doing contract and consulting work since then. This has me working from wherever a client needs me. I’ve been doing a lot of onsite work mainly in NYC these last few months, but also Minneapolis, Florida, and even got paid to teach a class in China. I’ve been working on remote clients from Seattle, Texas, and Atlanta, but New York has had the bulk of my time, which obviously gets no complaint from me, and I never turn down a reason to head up to the City.


While it is a fabulous looking (and blog worthy) life when you are attending a reception at the top of the World Trade Center in Manhattan or doing a site visit at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, or handling the personal appearance for fashion designer icons, life as a consultant is not always glamorous. Most of my time is currently spent working on remote clients from my home. In between those over the top fabulous looking moments, it sometimes looks a lot like this:


Me, suited up and ready to go. Client ready for meetings as they come up, and lately, on the hunt for caffeine. I sit on two boards of directors and do volunteer work for 3 different non profit organizations. It keeps me pretty busy.



Okay, truth time? While I do in fact make sure that when I go out my hair is blown dry and sleek and shiny, and my makeup is done, and my outfits put together, I certainly don’t do it to work from home. Usually, for the rare stints of time I spend at home between onsite work, it looks like me in sweatpants and a tshirt I have probably stolen from Nate’s closet because I’m lazy and his tshirts are more accessible (his closet is in our bedroom, mine is down the hall)  with a pellegrino and a fancy straw (because I’m fancy damnit and I don’t feel as much like a homeless person if I am drinking a pellegrino- and my laptop in my basement while an old season of ANTM plays in the background while I do paperwork or make calls.


(and sometimes it’s prosecco instead of pellegrino… I’m only human).



Lately, I have decided that this is NOT a productive or efficient way to work so have taken to planting myself in coffee shops and drinking all their beverages while I put out proposals and make calls. It gets me out of the house and dressed in actual clothing.


I am a huge fan of the Starbucks Pink Drink (strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk). This is a very old Kate Spade purse that happens to fit my laptop and work accessories quickly and easily without the bulk of the giant laptop bag.


Pure productivity right here. At least I am showered and have on makeup. You are welcome world.

Hard at work…


Pure glam life right here.

Shirt: Tuckernuck | Baseball Cap: Smathers & Branson | Necklace: Loren Hope

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