Baltimore Evening and Dinner at Ouzo Bay

Even though we live fairly nearby, I spend zero time in Baltimore. My friend Jenn was in town for a veterinary conference, so I decided to head up to Baltimore to meet her for dinner. Nate and I coordinated him meeting up with one of his friends for dinner as well, but the timing got off, and he needed to be in Maryland more than an hour before my dinner plans.


I had him drop me at the Barnes and Nobles to get some work done on their lovely terrace before I met up with Jenn.



I love book shops and being surrounded by books. Since I mostly read while I am travelling, I must admit that I have converted to kindle. It’s too difficult to carry multiple books with me in my already over crowded carry on. When I’m at home, I love to pull out a good physical book. There’s something about the layout of the pages that makes me feel relaxed. I’m not sure how I feel about Star Wars and Jurassic Park being considered “Classics” but to each their own.



I was disappointed that we weren’t going to have time to spend with the Baltimore City Lights exhibition. It’s a very spectacle that they have going on. I got to see a little of it on my walk over to the restaurant. Here is one of the exhibitions.



Baltimore is such a weird little city. This is their watermill.



Inner Harbor is still a functioning harbor.


More of the City Lights.


Jenn and I chose Ouzo Bay for dinner. It had great reviews, and we were in the mood for Greek!


Had to start out with the tiganito kolokithi (fried zucchini). We expected this to be a much smaller plate, but the portions were enormous! Thank goodness we only ordered one to share!



I am also unable to resist saganaki. (Flaming cheese). If it is on the menu, I will order it everytime. We found that the extra zucchini chips came in handy to eat the saganki with.



Jenn got the moussaka. I had a quick nibble. It was really good.



I wanted something a little light, so I ordered a bowl of the avgolemono soup (chicken, lemon, and rice or orzo), and the beet carpacio salad. Both were delicious and well prepared.




For dessert, we had this gem. The galaktoboureko (custard and phyllo) was divine. We were SO full, but we just couldn’t stop eating!


Such a good time with my bestie!


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