Twirling in City Center 

City Center in Washington, DC has changed out the string lights to these gorgeous paper lanterns. I stopped by to check them out, and do a little window shopping.



This outfit makes me incredibly happy. I was thrilled to find this velvet pleated midi skirt from ASOS! I love a good pleated skirt, and to find it in this metallic sheen and pink? So cute! I thought it went really well with this great top from Loft. The embroidery detail makes it so special. Throw on a pair of glittery heels, and you can’t help but dance. This is one of those fun, happy outfits, that you just have to twirl about in, and it makes everyone around you smile as well. It was such a warm, lovely day, I was surprised to see so many people covered up in dark colors. I definitely like to be a beacon of color in a neutral setting. Keeps things fun!







Could these Tuckernuck earrings be any more perfect?? They match the lanterns exactly! I was so thrilled to be dressed to match! Because the drop earrings are so distinct and require focus, I thought it was important to skip a necklace, even with an off the shoulder neckline. When donning large statement earrings, it’s best to not overdue it with a giant statement necklace as well!



This skirt was made to twirl!








Pink Vespa and pink midi skirt? Can I take this out for a spin? I have a dream where I buy an adorable pink Vespa and ride around Rome on it with an even more adorable (and obviously stylish) helmet. Probably couldn’t get away with these earrings, but they sure do look sweet together. I was very grateful that the owner didn’t see me coveting her ride.





Top: Loft | Skirt: ASOS | Heels: Kate Spade | Earrings: Tuckernuck (Sold out, but here’s a pair on Poshmark and here they are in a different color)

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