J.Crew Portfolio Dress and Striped Heels

I had an Executive Committee board meeting for the Association for Women in Events. Carrie, Kiki, Mas, and I convened at Mas’s office in Downtown DC and powered through an aggressive business agenda. (Terrible angle, but we had to use my wifi remote on my camera because there was noone to take our photo).



After getting through our action items, we met up with our fellow co-founder, Tamela at the Ocean Prime Bar to celebrate with our traditional bubbling cocktail! Mas wasn’t drinking and I had given up alcohol for Lent, so ours were a little different looking, but bubbling drinks all around!





J.Crew absolutely crushes it in the suiting department. When I saw their portfolio dress come in this lavender color (They’re calling it pink wash), I knew that it would be perfect for business occasions. Especially in a city like Washington, DC, business meetings require a higher degree of professional dress. Of course, I like to add a hint of whimsy and color to anything I do, but when it comes to a board meeting, I try to keep things business professional. The J.Crew portfolio dress is very comfortable to get through a long day, and while still a sheath dress, it has some detailing that keeps it from being too traditional. I think it’s important to let your personality shine through when you are choosing outfits, even with professional business dress. The key is to balance your look so that your details don’t overwhelm the professionalism of the outfit.  The day was over, so I let my hair down and had some fun!
















Can’t stop myself from adding a whimsical detail when possible. Since we were only a few days past National Unicorn Day, I couldn’t resist throwing on my unicorn jewelry.







These heels! To. Die. For. They’re very comfortable, and so perfect for summer! This warm weather has me screaming for stripes, and these heels absolutely satisfy that need.  They add the perfect amount of personality to any outfit. So much fun, right?? And they’re so affordable! J.Crew Factory is currently 50% off, so snap them up while you can! I think they’re just darling, and can’t imagine that they’ll last long.





Dress: J.Crew | Heels: J.Crew Factory

3 thoughts on “J.Crew Portfolio Dress and Striped Heels

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    1. I mean, as comfortable as tall heels can be… the material feels like it has a little give, so I definitely think at their price point they’re worth it. (It should be noted that I will often bring along a pair of “walking shoes”) whenever I wear tall heels…


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