J.Crew Casual Flamingo Tee

This gorgeous spring weather had me soaking up the sun! I LOVE flamingos. (Obviously). J.Crew Factory had this adorable sequin tee that I threw on to take the dogs for a stroll.

Mickey (Scottish terrier/poodle mix) and Minerva (German Shepherd) have been loving this sunshine. They get more walks and meet more dog friends, and there are a lot more exciting smells! Both of my dogs are rescues. Mickey came from a puppy mill rescue in Ohio and Minerva from a German Shepherd rescue in Maryland. These babies are the loves of my life (sorry, not sorry, Nate). They do have a few faults, one being Minerva is the furriest creature alive. They also jump when they get excited and get their leashes tangled easily. Dog walks call for something VERY casual that can get messy. It is always nice to find a cute tshirt to walk them in!


These two loves! ❤️

Spring is definitely here! The flowers are out in bloom and it’s such a beautiful time of year!!


Flamingo Tee: J.Crew Factory 

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