Travel Tips from a Frequent Flier

Everyone thinks that when you travel as often as I do that it’s a glamorous life. In reality, I pretty much live like George Clooney in Up in the Air.

I thought I would share some airport tips today, as I make a ridiculous trek to to Boston for a proposal meeting.

1. Find comfortable, functional, but still appropriate clothing. Unless you are on a red eye or an international flight, there is no reason not to wear at the least standard street clothes. I like to grab a necklace or bracelet (that won’t set off the metal detectors) to class it up a little.

I always travel in Persifor. So comfortable and the non wrinkle fabric makes it incredible functional as a travel outfit. AND, now until April 30th, all Persifor orders are 20% off with the code: SPRING)!

If you are a contact wearer like me, invest in a smart pair of glasses because you’ll likely be wearing them when booked on early morning flights and it will make you look so much more presentable.


2. Find yourself a functional purse to bring on board. (Ie. Something that makes your wallet and phone accessible quickly so you are not fumbling in the security line). If your purse doesn’t have those capabilities (i.e. My LV speedy), check it and carry on a different one.



3. Invest in a weekender bag. I love my Persifor duffle, and I recently got a beautiful Lilly bag that is perfect for an overnight. If you are only gone for a day or two, it will be so much easier than carrying on a suitcase. Additionally, if you are checking a bag, a duffle or weekender is a great way to create additional luggage space without carrying two suitcases.



4. Wear comfortable shoes!! I usually travel in Jacks or flats and sometimes pack my heels (for the weight limit) in my carry on or purse. Don’t wear loose fitting flip flops. Many airlines will have you walking a significant distance to your gate or from gate to the baggage/ground transportation area. It’s a safety thing.



5. Brand loyalty. If you are a frequent traveler, spend the extra money sometimes so that you can exclusively fly ONE airline. Once you have status, your flight experience will be so much better! It gives you the ability to accumulate award points more speedily (and thus have enough points to actually use), it sometimes gives you the opportunity to get upgrades or preferred seating, and boarding perks. I ONLY fly delta if possible. I have Platinum status, usually get upgraded, and have hundreds of thousands of miles. My husband flies the cheapest and direct. He at one point had low tier status with three different airlines and not enough points to book a reward trip on any of them. Loyalty will really enhance your flight experience! (And once you pick an airline, get their credit card to eat additional points and help you qualify for status)!


6. For the sanity of everyone around you. BE PREPARED when going through the security check. Take off your belt. Take everything out of your pockets. Have streamlined, sealed travel purse and carry on so you don’t have items spilling out everywhere. I have Global Entry and I highly recommend it. It costs $100 for FIVE years of service. (This is a one time fee, not recurring for each year). It comes with TSA Precheck, so if you plan to fly internationally even once in the next 5 years it will pay for itself. I think standard Precheck is $80? If you get Precheck, please be prepared to go through security efficiently. Most Precheck passengers are frequent fliers and people who slow up the line drive us crazy.

Hope this helps you have a smoother flight experience!

Dresses: Persifor | “FIRST CLASS PLEASE” Makeup Bag: Ashley Brooke Designs

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