Friday Food: Farmers and Distillers Lunch

I finally made it over the Farmer’s & Distillers the other day, which I have been dying to try. As I am a huge fan of their sister restaurants, so was eager to see if F&D was equivalent.



They definitely showcase the Distillers part of the name! Their bar was beautiful and I spied a shelf full of pineapple tumblers!



Overhead artwork


Their liquor! Will definitely need to be back for a happy hour.






For lunch, I got the warm lobster salad. It was a perfectly cooked lobster tail and and a deliciously dressed salad. Friseè, avocado, and the truffle vinaigrette were yummy!



Can’t go wrong with a side of grits. (Every single time I order grits, I want to yell, “ARE THEY MAGIC GRITS? DO THE LAWS OF PHYSICS NOT APPLY IN YOUR KITCHEN?”)



Can’t go wrong with a homemade Italian Orange soda!



Butternut squash soup. Warm and cozy and silky smooth.



Carrie got the baby kale and steak salad. This was divine. The steak was tender and the salad dressing was so flavorful!


We will definitely be back!


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