J.Crew Scalloped Dress at the MGM National Harbor

IAEE’s Women’s Leadership Forum took place this year at the brand new MGM Hotel and Casino at the National Harbor. I had never been over there yet, and so I was excited to check it out.



This lobby!! It’s gorgeous! I don’t think I was expecting to walk into Las Vegas, but it felt like a scene out of the Bellagio. The property is beautiful, with excellent boutique shops, high end restaurants, and a casino. It really feels like Vegas. I imagined that I was Alice in Wonderland with these lovely lobby displays.



I wore this green linen “Going-places” dress from J.Crew. I love the scallop trim and the fit felt made for me! It’s a professional dress that puts a little spring in my step.

















I mean, does Loren Hope ever make a wrong move? These stunners are so pretty it’s ridiculous. Cicadas? I think they went very well with the beautiful setting. I keep meaning to wear them with my beautiful honeybee necklace, and I just keep forgetting!


Dress: J.Crew | Earrings: Loren Hope


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