Friday Food: José Andrés’ Fish at MGM National Harbor

A whole host of new, big name restaurants have come with the opening of the new MGM in National Harbor. One is DC staple José Andrés’s Fish.

Cheddar biscuits? Yes, please!

We started off with the Lobster Bisque. One always should appreciate a tableside soup pour. It was flavorful and very smooth.

The Maryland Crab Cake is kind of necessary since we were in Maryland… not my favorite, but our out of town guests really enjoyed it.

These Seared Scallops were divine. Getting a perfect sear on a scallop is difficult, but these were beautifully prepared!

Okay, this was really awkward looking but I cannot recommend it enough. The Golden Trout was AMAZING. A stupendous plate of fish!!

These Delmonico Potatoes were so good! Creamy and delectable!

The desserts blew us away! They are all deconstructed, and this one was some kind of chocolate concoction! I think it was a special, but it was amazingly presented and so yummy!

This is the Atlantic Beach Pie. It was a lemon custard and tasted bright and tangy. Again, the presentation was gorgeous.

We had a great evening and will definitely be back!

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