AWE Kate Spade Madison Avenue Event

Last Fall, Susan Ramsden at the Kate Spade Madison Avenue store and I were talking about why I was in NYC. I told her that I was in town because my nonprofit organization, the Association for Women in Events, was up for two Stevie Women in Business Awards. We got to talking about the organization, and I mentioned that we did meet up events all over the country. Generously, Susan offered to consider hosting a meet up for AWE! I was flabbergasted at the incredibly generous offer!


I connected Julie, our Dir. of Events and Education with Chelsea who handles events for 789 Madison. Next thing we knew, we had a date on the calendar, and an upcoming event in partnership with the Kate Spade Madison Avenue store!



I know that I have said this in other posts, but the Kate Spade Madison Ave store is one of my favorite places, ever. It’s basically my Mecca. Kate Spade offered us some champs and light snacks in their 4th floor showroom.






We were given the private space to sip champagne and network. After an hour or so, we decided to take a tour of the store!


(This clutch is going to need to come home with me, ASAP).



We had to squeeze this great group of ladies out onto the Madison Ave balcony!



So many beautiful things right now at Kate Spade!!






THIS. If I wasn’t deathly allergic to peppers (and already the owner of the ice cream truck), this bad boy would have been coming home with me right away! Snap it up quickly! I guarantee it’ll be gone instantly!!





Obsessing over this dress that Deborah Lloyd herself wore.




Too cute, right?? I definitely need this tee.





AWE BOD members, me, Kiki, and Julie.





I love, love, love, their mirrors with the messages. I absolutely was smiling at this event!





I thought it was appropriate. AWE SQUAD perhaps?



Isn’t this to die for? This skirt and the print dress are so lovely. Of course they had to be the Madison Ave collection which has them sitting close to $1000 a piece.




Isn’t this darling?? “It’s all about hue you know!” hahaha.



I bought this dress from the Kate Spade Madison Ave Collection last fall. Isn’t it lovely? There was nothing else that I could possibly wear to this event. I think it’s one of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen. Who wouldn’t swoon over a hydrangea print? I added my tall burgundy Kate Spade bow heels.









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