Tuckernucking in Persifor

I know I post a lot about one of my favorite brands, Persifor, but this spring line has me completely enamored. Growing up, I always wanted to blend in. Four of us wearing the same mass marketed top from the Gap walking the halls of our high school? Amazing! Now, I prefer to support small businesses. Especially woman-owned designers and artisans. Don’t get me wrong, I still love many large brands (I think half of my wardrobe is J.Crew), but I love high quality, and wow factor boutique brands like Persifor.



I am a large fan of the Tuckernuck online boutique, and now that they have a brick and mortor, it’s one of my favorite places in DC. Their store is filled with beautiful things, and they styled it to make it decor goals. I always want to move right in! My favorite thing about the Tuckernuck store is that they like to put on parties! When Alex from Persifor told me that she’d be coming down from CT to do an event at the Tuckernuck store, I made sure to clear my calendar!



I chose to wear this adorable sailboat dress. What makes Persifor dresses unique is not only are the prints hand created and gorgeous, but the material is positively luxurious. It’s a soft, silky texture, and wrinkle resistant! As someone who travels all the time, I almost exclusively travel in Persifor nowadays. I loved this sailboat print from the minute I saw it, but debated heavily which dress to get it in! I decided on this new silhouette, and am very pleased with my decision.
























For the party, Alex brought an old-timey ice cream truck and distributed these cute coupons for guests to get an ice cream! The truck was so cute! I loved the old fashioned billboard, wood panelling, and balloon logo! It was 90+ degrees outside, so the ice cream was extremely welcome!











The peanut butter and chocolate was delicious! I understand that all of the icecream was made by the company, and you could taste that it was fresh and flavorful! Serious yum.

Twinning with Caroline from Tuckernuck.



Monica from Cake & Lillies and I have been trying to get together since the Scout Bag Party and we thought this would be a good time to get together! Syndey Carver from Summer Wind was there as well, and she and Monica ended up matching! I was so impressed by Sydney’s background in digital advertising and how she moved those skills into a successful blog. Boss babes shine so brightly! 🙂



It was so nice to see Gabrielle as well! Which means this is two times in a row that I have seen her since my Derby Party and not returned her adorable jacket. Oops.



Had to grab a quick pic with Alex before we popped out for dinner. Cheers to this lovely designer and her gorgeous line!


Dress: Persifor



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