Friday Food- Sarabeth’s 

A NYC staple is always Sarabeth’s. They have an extensive brunch menu and when I learned that my friend Lauren from Hearst Media and old colleague Holly were available for a Saturday brunch, we knew this was the perfect spot. My trip to NYC was based on the AWE event at Kate Spade, but also to connect with old colleagues, business clients, and industry friends to tell them about my new position. Most of my meetings were scheduled over meals, and I feel like I ate half of NYC.





Peach bellinis are superior to the mimosa in my opinion.




Could Lauren be any more stylish?




Those lemon ricotta pancakes are light, fluffy, and delicious. Lauren and I ended up trading my soup for a bite of one of her pancakes. The ricotta really does amazing things.




I had ordered Sarabeth’s take on grilled cheese and tomato soup. I was surprised by the consistency of the soup. The menu described it as cream of tomato soup, and it was extremely thick and had large tomato chunks in it. The flavor was wonderful, but I had expected it to be silky and creamy, and was therefore not feeling it. If you order it, it’s very tasty, I just wan’t prepared for how it was presented.


Five years ago, I learned that I had a gluten intolerance. This has moved forward to me being fully diagnosed with Celiacs. I am not supposed to eat gluten.  This has been extremely difficult for me, because there are so many amazing food items that simply do not come gluten free. This menu was particularly challenging to find gluten free options, so I just went with it. Pretzel bread is a huge weakness of mine. Because most pretzels are made with sourdough, it doesn’t affect me as heavily as a regular piece of gluten heavy bread would. I ordered the Pretzel grilled cheese and it was heavenly. I really enjoyed it. The cheese was a mouthwatering combination of manchego, cheddar, and gruyere. Definitely try this if you’re feeling something more savory for brunch!




As a side dish, I ordered the chicken and apple sausage, and they served it with apple sauce. It was so tasty.




These lovely ladies!


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