Country Club Lunching

I have always been very fortunate in my friendships, and have been so lucky to become better friends with Gabrielle this past year. Not only do we have so many of the same interests, but living so close to one another has been delightful. As I work from home, and she has recently taken a sabbatical from the art events world, she invited me to meet her for lunch at the Belle Haven Country Club.


Nate and I have discussed joining before, but have never been to the club, so of course, I was thrilled at the opportunity to check it out. We had a perfect afternoon.


First a quick lunch at the onsite pub, which consisted of a lobster bisque and a very cute surf and turf, and then we took our wine outside to sit on the course overlook.



Belle Haven is a lovely course. We were grateful to have such beautiful weather. The atmosphere was perfect and we enjoyed a little sunshine without the high temperatures.




Soaking up the sun in an adirondack chair. What could be nicer?




I wore this “vintage” inspired J.Crew blazer, Brooks Brothers skirt, and cute flats.







White wine and stripes on a golf course. I adore this wonderful girl.




The inside of the clubhouse is even more beautiful than the outside. It has so many historic pieces that really resonated with my decor dreams. I was particularly drawn to this window and the wallpaper! So much fun with my lovely friend!









Blazer: J.Crew (similar) | Skirt: Brooks Brothers (Similar) | Shoes: J.Crew Factory | Hair tie: J.Crew

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