Friday Food – MOMOFUKU 

Words always fail me when it comes to Momofuku, but I will try to do it justice. The restaurant is still difficult to get a table, but we got lucky because it was a federal holiday. The clean lines of the space create a really nice atmosphere, and since we had the first reservation of the day, the space was empty. I have never seen it anything less than buzzing, (and of course, by the time we finished our meal, it was packed).




The food at Momo is tremendous. We ordered two kinds of buns to start with.


The pork buns were pork belly and oh so delicious. I had never had this particular bun before, but very much worth it.




These shitake buns are my favorite. I could eat them every day of my life and be happy. The shitake mushrooms are very crispy and chrunchy, and bao bun is like eating a cloud. I know that they’re not gluten free, but I always find it worth it because they’re just so delicious. ( I know, I know, but I can’t help it).




Delicious friend chicken.




Side of rice.






Delicious, delicious pork ramen. The noodles are perfect. So very yummy. The presentation at Momo is also gorgeous. Who else could make a bowl of pork ramen look so lovely?



No trip to Momofuku would be complete without a piece of crack pie. I expected it to be overhyped, but no, it’s every bit delectable as described.



The Milk bar cereal ice cream with crispies is also refreshing and delicious. There is not one bad item on the menu.






If you get the chance to go to Momofuku in DC or NYC, do it. It’s an incredible dining experience that won’t break the bank. I believe the most expensive individual meal item on the dinner menu is under $25. Enjoy!


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