Feeling Pretty in Camilyn Beth Pink

The Association for Women in Events had an event with the Potomac River Boat Company, and I for one can never resist a boat. It was the same day that Nate got us tickets to see Ragtime at Ford’s Theater, so I was unfortunately caught between two wonderful activities. Luckily, the boat stayed docked for the first hour, so I was able to attend and say hello to some of our guests, and then meet Nate for our theater date.



This Camilyn Beth dress is very versatile. The blush pink color is so pretty, and even though I have realized that I need to stop buying blush pink dresses (I went through my dress closet and realized there were far too many pieces in that hue), I think it’s one of my favorite shades. Certainly pantone agrees with me.






The beautiful ruffle detailing on this dress makes me so happy.  I also have this dress in red, but I think the blush pink tone makes it easy to go from day to evening, whereas the red is much better suited for a night out. On the boat, so many ladies asked me where I had gotten the dress, and I was happy to tell them that Camilyn Beth was currently stocked down the street at the 116 King pop up!




With my IAEE DC Board Chair, B Murphy.




The back detailing on this dress is really special. Buttons vs. a zipper make such a more interesting presentation, and though I have a fear of buttons coming undone, these are very sturdy and I haven’t had an issue.










Dress: Camilyn Beth

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