Victoria Beckham for Target One Shoulder Scallop Dress 

The Target designer capsule collections are really brilliant. I know that I have expressed my annoyance at their quantities in the past, so I am unclear as to whether they went more available at this time, or if this collection just did not sell as well.

I was wary of the fit of this Victoria Beckham for Target collection. VB design tends to be very slim and structured and not generally something that fits me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the clothes that I ordered were very flattering and really nice.

This one shoulder scallop dress in particular is well made, well fit, and eye catching. I like the ruffle at the hemline, which gives the dress a tiny bit extra flair, but is a subtle enough detail that it doesn’t feel like too much.

I decided that the dress was a little too flowy, so I added a Kate Spade scallop belt to cinch it in a little. It created a much improved silhouette. In addition, I added my Loren Hope Fern earrings, Octavia bracelets, and my new Gucci pumps to complete the outfit. (More on the Gucci’s later). I know some people would find it weird to pair designer shoes with a Target dress, but I look at it as a mix of affordable and luxury. It’s important to note that if you love a piece of clothing and it you like how it fits you, then it shouldn’t matter if it cost $5 or $500. (I mean, I’d be a little more careful with the $500 item, but the point is that style is not determined by cost). Wear outfits that show off your style and that make you feel comfortable and confident in.

Dress: Victoria Beckham for Target (available in orange) | Shoes: Gucci | Belt: Kate Spade (available on Poshmark and Tradesy) | Earrings: Loren Hope

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