DC Pride Weekend

DC Pride is always a fun week. It’s fantastic to see the city lit up in support of the LGBTQ community and to have DC show that it’s a safe place for love.


I thought that the other heart wall at Union Market would be a good message for this weekend. #NeverGiveUp.




To show my support for DC Pride, I put together this ensemble. It’s a Dorothy reminiscent off the shoulder top from J.Crew and a J.Crew factory rainbow skirt. Add some Loren Hope Sparkle and top it off with my gladiator sandals from Mykonos. I definitely felt ready to hit the parade!

















Nate and I first stopped by the HRC building to make a donation. I loved seeing their new art installation by Megan Geckler in honor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. It is eye catching and beautiful, and a lovely tribute to those who lost their lives far too soon. There are 49 strips of white fabric for each person who died in Pulse. The rainbow strips encircle them to protect their memory.







Additionally, volunteers were asking people to write a message and tie one of these ribbon tags to metal structure in remembrance of Pulse. I thought they did a wonderful tribute, and it was a wonderful way to remember these beautiful people who died one year ago today.




Nate’s cousin Daniel and Aunt Karen were in town from Miami, so we were trying to meet up with them. They were visiting other family, so we agreed to try to meet up at the parade.  The parade seemed even larger than other years. Perhaps because so many people came to town for the March for Equality on Sunday, but we stayed from 3:30 (parade started at 4:30pm) until about 8:00pm and it wasn’t anywhere near done.  We managed to meet up with Daniel, sometime after 5pm. In a twist of fate, as we were navigating around the packed streets to find him, we happened to bump into Nate’s Aunt Karen purely by accident. It was so nice to get to see her, even only for a few minutes. Nate’s Aunt Karen and Uncle Michael, and his cousins could not be nicer or more lovely people. It’s been extremely heartwarming to see Nate get to spend more time with them, and to get to know them all better because they grew up in different states and never got to spend a lot of time together.

























Okay, so as a frequent traveler, the Points Guy is one of my favorite blogs. He went all out for Pride, and put together a at least a hundred people in Points Guy tees, waving I fly Loud and Proud signs, and a monster float on which he rode through Dupont. It was awesome. Love him even more now.





The Points Guy himself.  🙂



I was very inspired by how many church groups marched in the parade, with the message that God loves everyone and welcomes all, regardless of anything. It’s a message we need in these times where too many churches are preaching hate. As a Catholic, I have always believed that the church should be a safe place to unite those who love God, and that God does not discriminate.





We had such a nice day with Daniel. It’s a shame we didn’t to get to spend more time, but I suppose that means we will need to make a trip down to Miami in the future.




At this point, I plopped myself down on the curb before my feet gave out. It was so wonderful to spend the weekend celebrating love.



Love is Love is Love is Love.


Top: J.Crew | Skirt: J.Crew Factory


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