National Wear Your Lilly Day x TradeShowLife

When you are onsite at a conference in Las Vegas and it’s National Wear Your Lilly Pulitzer Day, sometimes you can convince you good friend Jules Clifford of Event Photography of North America to do a little blog photo shoot for you while there isn’t a line at the SLO MO Video booth. Just saying…

I matched the Visit Indy booth so perfectly, we had to take some pics!

Jules let me use the SLO MO booth to take some photos. This dress is so beautiful. I am such a Lilly Lover, but this one is particularly special. The Palm pattern and the elephants? This costa verde print is gorgeous. Definitely one to look for in the APS and I know others will agree. There was a girl at the conference with amazing lavender colored hair, and we made eye contact and walked over to each and at the same time I blurted that I loved her hair, she told me that she loved my dress. We laughed a lot, and I have to agree, this dress is pretty awesome.

Sometimes we involve confetti and I am hilariously awkward.

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