Camilyn Beth Sparkle in Viva Las Vegas

I spent last week in Las Vegas at the MPI WEC. I had scheduled several dinner meetings and I always need to pack for Vegas nightlife. This is was the perfect time to break out these two beautiful Camilyn Beth dresses. There is no better place for gold sequins that Las Vegas. 

Me outside of one of my favorite sushi restaurants with the Wynn in the background. Vegas nights with palm trees, neon, and this beautiful Camilyn Beth dress. The lighting was terrible, but it’s a blush pink dress with a band of gold sequins along the bottom. Like all CB dresses, it’s a wonderful jersey fabric and fits like a glove. 

For the reception evening, I put on this dress to meet up with industry partners at the MGM. I love this dress. Can’t go wrong with a fit and flare and the back is amazing. It’s a great little white dress! 

The sparkle in the back is so much fun! I blended right into the slot area. 

Got to spend some time with my amazing friend Stacy. (Though I lost $20 because apparently she is better at betting than rolling at craps). 

As our grand tradition, we re-contracted each other to the next outing. 

Pink Dress: Camilyn Beth | White Dress: Camilyn Beth

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