Red, White, and Preppy Low Key 4th

What a crazy weekend! Because we have a huge international trip coming up this week (more on that later), my mother came down to visit (and pick up our dogs to watch while we’re gone) and we also have a last minute visit from our friend Dan. We took mom out to some nice meals around Old Town, visited the Torpedo Factory, and took advantage of her gardening expertise by making a trip to Lowes and then re-potting several of our new ferns into the new pots that we got. Dan, we took to the recently opened Game of Thrones pop up (post to come), and mostly just hung out around and about. Grilled steaks and lobster tails on the Big Green Egg, baked cookies, and caught up.
By the time they both had left, we didn’t have it in us to do anything big for the 4th, but we thought some good old fashioned Americana was just the ticket. After getting brunch at a local diner (how cute is this donut???) we decided to do a little shopping in Old Town.



It was such a lovely day down by the waterfront that we popped into Pop’s for some ice cream! The 4th of July requires an ice cream cone, don’t you think?



I chose this buffalo plaid J.Crew factory skirt and Draper James top! It is exactly as it says, cute as a button. Add some red, white, and blue accessories (like a strand of pearls, or a KJP anchor bracelet, and it was the perfect 4th of July outfit)! The top is like a short sleeved sweatshirt, so it is definitely a heavier material, but fortunately the heat wasn’t overwhelming. The skirt is a J.Crew Factory sidewalk skirt. I know I write about them all the time, but they’re so versatile and comfortable! I love the stretchy waistline, which makes it easy to adjust where the skirt sits in comparison to the top you are wearing.






I love my election day Jack Rogers, and I thought they’d be adorable for the 4th. JR makes them in both Democratic and Republican versions, and I think they’re too cute, especially when you live in the DC area. I’m very fortunate to love all of my congressional representatives, (House, Senate, and Governor). We just had the state primary for governor, and I was thrilled to see such a depth of quality candidates running for Gov. and Lt. Gov. While I don’t want to make overt political posts here, I think it’s extremely important to remember on the birth of or nation, that we must pay attention and be knowledgeable about those who currently lead and who we vote to lead and represent us.












I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! Nate and I are headed for the first time to Seoul, South Korea TOMORROW for just over a week, and I can’t wait to share our adventure!



Top: Draper James | Skirt: J.Crew Factory | Earrings: J.Crew (Sold out but here are similar) | Bracelet: KJP (White/Gold no longer available but here are Other Colors)| Sandals: Jack Rogers

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