Smart Birdy Suitcase on a South Korean Adventure

Nate and I are off on an amazing adventure!


As a member of the CEM (Certification in Exhibition Management) Faculty, I was approached by the Association of Korea Exhibition Industry in Seoul to teach a class on July 14th. For those who do not know, I am adopted, and was born in Seoul. I have never been to Korea (or even Asia before last December’s CEM course trip to China), so this was a huge honor and exciting adventure. Because this is a fairly monumental trip for me, definitely bucket list, and one I had imagined my whole life, Nate agreed to accompany me. (Twist his arm).


As someone who travels extensively domestically, and is no stranger to international travel, I am amazed at how differently I feel towards traveling to Asia. I never get nerves about going to Europe, but this is a whole different arena and as with China last year, I feel a little unprepared for the trip. Unlike China, I am very hopeful that I will NOT end up ill this time, and can enjoy and experience the country!



As an anniversary gift, Nate got me a new carry on suitcase, and not just any carry on, the new Smart Birdy Jetsetter. From the minute I saw them, I was in love. They are specifically designed for smart women travelers, with specific pockets and carefully designed handles like a shoulder strap and it includes a device charger, and a shoe compartment. IN. LOVE.



There is also a great laptop pocket in the front. They really thought of everything. It’s fairly spacious, but small enough that it can fit under an airplane seat. The handy compartments are so smartly done, and isn’t this lining to die for?? I love that it even includes a small wristlet bag that snaps into the suitcase so you don’t lose it. It also comes with a laundry bag. Nate absolutely hit it out of the park with this one. Third anniversary is leather, and I think this is a definite win! ❤ (For the record, Nate does not always hit it out of the park in the gifting. One year, I bought him a $500 gift and then took him to dinner at CityZen in DC – which was one of the nicest restaurants at the time and located in the Mandarin Oriental. He ordered the tasting menu and beverage pairing). I think I ended up spending close to $1000 on him that year, and it nearly gave me a heart attack. My birthday, which follows his…. saw him getting me an ostrich pillow. Just an ostrich pillow. Sigh.



As mentioned many times, I pretty much only travel in Persifor. Perfectly designed suitcase, perfectly designed dress for travel. Even though I am a littler nervous about this trip, I am excited as a lady traveler to start the adventure! I like to think of myself as a pretty worldly traveler, but this is a particularly exciting trip.



























Hey! I get the bring this handsome fella along for the ride this time!






Wheels up, and ready for adventure! Expect some updates on Insta on our travels!



Suitcase: Smart Birdy | Dress: Persifor





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