Sending an ASOS Postcard (Dress) from Seoul

Seoul has been phenomenal so far! Today, Nate and I took a tour out to the DMZ (demilitarized zone) and the JSA (Joint Security Area), on the border of North Korea. We’ve completed all of our tours now. This included a city tour of the imperial palace and main city temples, the historic district, and our absolute favorite, a food tour wherein we ate the best food and made friends. ❤ We’ve also been eating like it’s our job over here, so like i said, expect a complete landslide of posts about the sights and food.



As a lady traveler, I always carefully plan my wardrobe ahead of time. Postcard prints seem to be popular right now, and as a globetrotter, I am of course, obsessed. This dress from ASOS is absolutely adorable. I was afraid it might be a little cheesy when I ordered it, but the off the shoulder and striped ruffles are very cute in person. What better place to wear a postcard print than in a foreign exotic city?? I thought I’d use this dress to send a “postcard” via Seersucker Optional.




Our evening food tour took us to the Jongno 3-ga station area (Insa-dong neighborhood) where we were scheduled to meet our tour guide with Seoul Hunters. (More on our amazing food tour to come. It was such a killer tour, it really deserves its own post). This was definitely a more vibrant area than where we were staying. We were thrilled that the rain held off, and allowed us to make it out and about.


The metro here is excellent. Because we were running late, we ended up taking a cab (cabs in Seoul are VERY inexpensive), but we definitely plan to use the rail at least once while we’re here! This neighborhood is in transition, to being a more vibrant, corporate area, but a few blocks in is lots of small, authentic restaurants down back alleys, and street markets.




This dress leapt off the page for me. I thought the French stripes paired with the postcard print were darling, and I knew that it would be a great dress to wear on an adventure. I’m so glad that I was right! Fortunately most folks in S. Korea speak English, and several women stopped me to ask where my dress was from! I can’t say that it’s blending in, Korean street style tends to be a lot of monochromatics: blacks, whites, greys, and a well groomed edgy, urban styling. I love seeing women walk past in an unexpected burst of color.










The world is my oyster! Wishing I could jet off on that Vespa!



Seoul is beautiful at night!








Having a ball, wish you were here!! xoxo. -Mary


Dress: ASOS

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