Traditional Korean Han Bok Dress Experience

Part of our Essential Seoul tour included the Han Bok dress experience. All over Seoul are little studios that will dress you up in traditional Han Bok garb, and allow you to “rent” the outfit for the day. Many of the palaces and temples offer free admission to those wearing the costume. We were puzzled when we saw people dressed as such, but it finally made sense when we reached this part of the tour. 

I absolutely loved mine. At first I felt silly, picking out a costume and dressing up in the crinolines and ties. The dress I selected was so pretty. The embroidery and tulle were gorgeous, and I changed my mind about feeling silly once I had it on. 

Dancing around. Nothing to see folks, this is totally normal. Just your average day. 

The women who dressed me even provided little purses and did my hair! 

I stole his hat. I think it looks better on me, anyway… We love South Korea!

5 thoughts on “Traditional Korean Han Bok Dress Experience

  1. I’m so so so so glad that you didn’t let feeling silly over take you. This outfit is stunning and how many chances could you realistically get to wear it. It looks so gorgeous on you I can’t get over it. Also maybe you should consider more full length skirts. These are such lovely proportions for your frame. I’m a short girl and I always avoid long skirts but now you have me reconsidering.


    1. You’re the sweetest! Yes, we decided not to be stupid and to take advantage of the opportunity to get to dress up. The only issue I had was that there was only one jacket that was the appropriate proportions for my chest. Everything else was too small. I wonder what they do for larger tourists… #bustygalprobs


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