Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar

In honor of the premiere of Game of Thrones last night, I’m going to give you all a tour of the incredible and fabulous #GOTPUB pop up in Washington, DC.


The team at Drink Company has done it again, with another incredible pop up bar. The Miracle on 7th Christmas Bar was spectacular, to say nothing of the Super Mario Bros/Cherry Blossom Bar in the spring. The most exciting part of the pop ups is that our amazing friend, Matt Fox, is in charge of the Drink Company pop ups! We put in some serious time volunteering for this one. It was incredibly ambitious, and needed a ton of manual labor. Differing from the other pop ups which were much more crafts based in terms of volunteer tasks, this was definitely a labor of love. Carving, painting, more styrofoam than anyone should ever see… and we just came in after the main pieces were set! I cannot imagine how pop up crew, Adriana and Matt Fox didn’t lose their minds with all the prep that was done! I literally have not worked this hard building something, in… I could not even say. But work along side amazing friends, the degree of satisfaction that we were creating something was intense. Absolutely exhausting work, but it was so much fun and so rewarding!


After painting walls in concrete, carving tree branches and then “mud splatter/painting” them in a different concrete based paint that wouldn’t stay on the brush so we just had to glop it onto the “tree” with our hands, and then painstakingly “drawing” lines so that it would look like a real tree… I was disappointed to miss the opening because I was in Las Vegas for work.


All of the work paid off, when Nate and I (and our friend Dan Mayer who came down to visit for the 4th) finally made it over to the GOT PUB.





Let’s start with a tour!



You enter the GOT Pub (be warned, the line to get in is EXTENSIVE) by entering THE NORTH (ie. Mockingbird Hill) and are greeted with the Weirwood. It in itself is a masterpiece behind the bar (and while it looks like an effortless piece of artwork, I will remember for the rest of my life standing on the bar, glopping the paint onto those styrofoam branches and clunking my head on those lanterns), and it is a visually stunning creation that gets everyone’s attention right away.




Yessss, dire wolf.



The bar faces the wall, with beautiful ice carvings and a floor to ceiling cutouts.






From this main room, you can access the dragon room. The dragons were painted onto the walls by a local artist.





This gigantic dragon sculpture is not only a work of art in its own right, but every 30 minutes or so, the mouth opens and closes and breathes fire into the room.



Next door to THE NORTH is the much anticipated HALL OF FACES (Southern Efficiency). Those faces are actually the staff and friends (sadly, Nate and I do not adorn the wall), and so if they seem realistic, there is a good reason why. Also, notice any stray eyelashes or eyebrow hairs? Yeah, those are real… apparently not everyone did a good enough job with applying the vaseline when they dipped themselves.



Right up front on the lower center wall, you can find Kiki.



He’s a little further up, but Nate found Matt Fox!






Moving over to the last bar (Eat the Rich), you will enter the Red Keep. House Banners adorn the stone walls and provide a different feel from the other rooms.







Choose your house!



In the far back room, you can find the Iron Throne. Because it’s the most desired photo location, you should, upon gaining access to the bar, immediately head there to put your name in. They have a text system “line” that will notify you when it’s your turn for a photo op. Wait times usually run about 2 hours. Worth it, though.







Want to sample a delicious and on theme cocktail? I can’t emphasize enough how delicious the cocktails are. Not that it should be any surprise, as Drink Company’s other bar, the Columbia Room was just named one of the top bars in the country, but it really shows their dedication to making this such a quality establishment. They use fantastic mixers, and many craft liquors to make sure that taste is king.


Let’s take a look at the GOT Cocktails that they came up with. With Mayer along, we literally ordered one of each.




THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF TERRORS –  Bourbon, Cocchi di Torino, Amaro, Luxardo Maraschino






THE NORTH REMEMBERS – Scotch, Oloroso, Cointreau, Falernum, Coconut, Pineapple Gomme


With all the other popups, there have been a problem with people thieving the specialty glassware. It’s silly. I remember watching a girl with a Prada bag pocket a Santa mug at the Christmas Bar… and these GOT mugs are much more expensive, and in demand. To balance the theft issue, bartenders will take your id when you order some of these cocktails, and if you do not return the glassware, your card will be charged. Fair. Aren’t these mugs incredible??




SHAME – Tequila + Grapefruit Tonic



Please note: When you order SHAME, the bartenders will ring a bell and the whole bar will proceed to yell, “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” The best part is the cute little bell in the cocktail. We served this at my launch party and it was amazing. Trust me, it’s delicious.





Isn’t the honeybear glass too funny? I love it.





We also served the Milk of the Poppy at the Teamwork event. It’s even better when properly adorned.



The other mug version of the THE NORTH REMEMBERS. Same cocktail, different awesome mug. The wolf is so dire. Can we also take a quick second to note that the Lannisters Send Their Regards comes with a strawberry in the shape of a heart that is skewered with small swords? Well played, guys. Well played.



Not pictured, the bar is also serving Ommegang beers on tap. I cannot recommend the cocktails enough, but it doesn’t hurt to mix in a beer or two. There are 10 specialty cocktails, ranging from $13-15 a glass. Bring a couple hundred and a friend and definitely plan to sample them all.




I happened to find this incredible Show Me Your Mumu dress at Bishop Boutique. They only had a size small, but with a few small tweaks, it fit beautifully. I added a camisole underneath, because it is a little bit see through. I wasn’t sure where I would wear it, as it is not entirely my normal style, but i just loved it so much I was sure I’d find an occasion. Yes. Yes, I did.




Because the dress is a little long, I added the belt. I didn’t want it to look too costume-y, so I wore my regular Jacks instead of gladiator sandals. Add in a headband, and these beautiful Loren Hope sparklers to get a subtle rainbow shine, and I felt like a million bucks.














If you live or are visiting Washington, DC, please make a point to stop by the GOT Pub! Even if you don’t follow the show, it’s definitely an experience in both taste and visuals that you can’t miss! #GOTPUB.




Dress: Show Me Your Mumu (Purchased at Bishop Boutique, but available here) | Camisole: J.Crew Factory | Sandals: Jack Rogers

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