Lilly Pulitzer Stripes in Seoul

When packing for Seoul, we were dismayed to see that the weather forecast predicted rain the entire trip. Apparently it was right smack at the end of their rainy season, but it curtailed my packing because I needed to find outfits that wouldn’t get ruined in the rain. I bought this dress months ago at the Pink Palm, and I thought that the peacock feather details would go well in Seoul, and that the cotton wouldn’t get ruined. So glad I packed this! Little was I thinking that because the temperature was so high, you could not go outside (let alone go on a forced march tour) without perspiring.


Thankfully this beautiful dress held me up. It was light and airy, and I could roll up the sleeves when needed. Nate and I had booked several days of tours, (more to come), and this dress was great to bop around in. Plus, you can never go wrong with Lilly, right?? This dress is still available, but I noticed they’re selling it as an updated version with a scoop neck instead of boat neck. I chose to wear this dress on our extended tour day (8.5 hours), and I am so glad that I chose it. It was bright, colorful, and the fabric was exactly what I needed to get through the day!


You’ll notice that I alternated between my Cole Haan flats and Jacks. (Mainly to maintain my ability to walk as we were doing a LOT of steps). This beautiful Lilly dress was a lovely garment for the incredible settings that we got to see. Add a set of pearls, and we were off!




The sense of serenity at the Gyeonghoeru Pavilion was unbelievable. I was so happy to take a few moments in this lovely, and peaceful area, which being off to the side of the palace, was less overrun by tourists. The lighting was perfect as well. We got so lucky that it was only lightly misting while we were touring most of these areas. We ended up getting rained out of our last stop, which we were almost grateful for, because everyone on our tour was EXHAUSTED by that point. Wearing a white dress with the peacock detailing felt right here.







Taking a quick breather at the Imperial Palace.



This incredible view is called the Bugak Skyway and is located on Bukhansan Mountain. Isn’t the view fantastic? Part of why I was so grateful to have this dress, is that it moved so easily. It definitely allowed me to be very active whether climbing a million stairs, or walking around the palace grounds.





This is the Bukchon Hanok Village. Traditional homes set upon a mountain. Typically, the tour planned to have us dress in the Han Bok clothing before we came to this village, but with the rain and heat, they opted to just turn us loose in the Insadong area instead of carting us over to Bukchon and back. I certainly didn’t mind. Again, the heat was oppressive, so I was glad to be hiking up the hills that these homes sat on in my Lilly, rather than the full regalia of costume.






Such an interesting area. It felt like Alice in Wonderland, so many sights to see. Architecture unlike anything at home…. People pay millions of dollars for these homes, and many people reside in them. I can’t image how they handle the floods of tourists, but perhaps it is worth it to live in one of these fascinating residences.



This house was my favorite. It combined the gorgeous Korean architecture with what felt like a modernist moment with the pink and white tile. Love, love, love it! And hey, it brought out the pink peacock feathers on my dress.




Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (It’s identical except for the neckline) | Earrings: Loren Hope

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