Seoul Sweet Spots in J.Crew Stripes

Seoul is noted for its gorgeous and visual dessert cafes, and as a big fan of the ‘gram worthy and the tasty treats, I of course wanted to check some of them out. Here’s a recap of some of my favorite sweet treats in Seoul!


Style Nanda Pink Pool Cafe



Since we were headed to Myeongdong for the afternoon, I plotted out a few places to try. The first was the Pink Pool Cafe. Sadly, because it was torrentially downpouring, the outdoor terrace was closed, but the cafe itself is an absolute masterpiece!


Style Nanda is a unique clothing brand, and their stores are all masterpieces of culture and visual aesthetics! This store was themed like a hotel, with perfect check in area and “bell hop” counters. The cafe is upstairs and is themed to be the hotel pool.


Seoul puts even NYC to shame in regards to instagrammable cafes. I though Cha Cha Matcha was the height of adorable themes… I had no idea.


Everything in this cafe is designed to be visually shared. From the pool tiles to the photographs on the wall, and the sleek neon lighting.












The changing room for the store section is a pool shower.









They offer plenty of normal beverage options, but we of course had to go with their signature drinks. Cotton Candy Coffee and my Cotton Candy slushie! These were DELICIOUS. I mean, I was on a sugar high for the next several hours, but it was such a cool idea, and very on theme. The cotton candy cloud coffee has gone viral, and I’ve definitely seen it on foodie blogs and vlogs before, but I didn’t expect to find it in Seoul. I think it confused Nate, but he rolled with it.













If you are ever in Seoul, definitely visit both the store and Pink Pool Cafe. Totally worth a trip to Myeongdong!




Hello Kitty Cafe



One of my best friends, Aria, is obsessed with Hello, Kitty. Since there was one right around the corner from Style Nanda, we decided to pop in to get her a present… and dry out, as it was pouring rain. Everything in this cafe is exactly what you would expect and more. Hello, Kitty fans will lose their minds. It’s floor to ceiling with adorable Hello Kitty-ness. Even the food pagers.







Nate was terrified the whole time we were here.







The food, not so much. It was okay, but nothing to write home about. The coffee was adorable, however. This is definitely a place to go for the Hello Kitty, and definitely not for the eats. We didn’t try the desserts, because we were a little sugared out from our last stop, but they looked very cute as well. It’s definitely worth a trip, just for the cuteness factor.





Myeongdong Street Food Desserts



One of the biggest appeals of Myeongdong are the street vendors. I’ll discuss them more in another post, but in addition to the amazing looking savory treats, they had several desserts that we just could not resist!


Nate had to get himself a 32 cm ice cream, which translates to just a bit higher than a foot long. His was a green tea swirl with blueberry? It was pretty tasty, but so much ice cream! (especially since it was raining and we had to duck under an awning for him to consume it… and it was also 90 degrees, so he was in a race to eat it before it melted)!









I was leaning more towards these gorgeous rose shaped gelato cones! So pretty, right?



One of the street vendors we also had to try were these darling fish shaped pastries. I had read that the fish shaped treats were unique to the area, so we were excited to try these little bites. I wanted one of the cheese filled pastries, but we ended up going with a nutella filled on. It was wonderful. A combination of croissant, pop tart, and strudel!








Novotel Ambassador Lobby Lounge



The AKEI put us up in the Novotel, so though we were originally at the Hilton, we switched to the Novotel Ambassador halfway through the trip. We were absolutely floored by the Novotel’s lobby lounge.  Designed like a Parisian Cafe, complete with Eiffel Tower, there was a gorgeous waterfall outside of the window.



They had a little dessert cabinet, with a host of delectable treats. This little heart shaped treat was so yummy. The macarons were perfect as well.



Eating macarons by a waterfall. Life was definitely sweet! If you have the time to swing by the Novotel or stay there on your trip, I highly recommend spending a little time at their lounge by the waterfall with a macaron.






Dore Dore

Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu


When I was researching dessert cafes in Seoul, the number one recommendation was Dore Dore, home of the famous rainbow cake. Since it was relatively close to where we were staying, I of course had to check it out! What i discovered was worthy of my friend Cakespy, herself!! (Jessie, if you get the chance, you MUST check this place out someday).


The decor is brightly colored with pink booths, lucite chairs, succulents, and holographic furniture.





Their dessert cabinet is MOUTH WATERING. We had trouble deciding, but ultimately went with their signature rainbow cake (available in buttercream or cheesecake- we obvi picked cheesecake), and a parfait.





Rainbow cake and fruity pebble and rainbow yogurt parfait? Yesssss.









So much yumminess, we couldn’t find the words to describe. I’m usually a buttercream girl, but I must admit the cheesecake was tremendous!




Across the street from Dore Dore at a little store cafe, I got myself a little pink lemonade and drank it amidst the flamingo floats. This Thomas Mason for J.Crew top was so pretty. I just wish it hadn’t been so blazing warm and I hadn’t needed to roll up the sleeves. The little white J.Crew loafers were very comfortable and perfect for a casual day hunting dessert cafes while exploring Seoul!















We had the best time trying out desserts in Seoul (and had to spend a lot of time in the gym working them off)!! If you get the chance to visit Seoul, definitely check out some of these sweet spots!!



Top: J.Crew | Skirt: J.Crew Factory (grey is sold out, but black is available) | Loafers: J.Crew

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