Friday Food: Seattle Eats

For today’s Friday Food, I wanted to share some of the INCREDIBLE dining that Seattle has to offer! It’s an AMAZING city, and we ate far too well!



Stopped in here for a quick working lunch with the fantastic ladies of Davies + Dixon. One thing I noticed about Seattle is that it’s very much an instagram food town. By that I mean, all of the food and meals seem to understand that people will want to ‘gram them, and they’re plated specifically for that. The girl preparing our poke bowls even said that they’re strategically making the bowls look pretty enough for insta. When you’re dining with social media marketers, it’s a lesson in insta-food. hahaha.









Great little coffee stop in Capital Hill.









Quinoa and beet salad. I felt light and fresh afterwards.


Gluten free roll!!



Erin got the breakfast sandwich. The bacon looked out of this world.



Saint Helens

This wonderful little cafe serves genuine acorn fed, Iberico Ham… which of course had me dreaming of Barcelona. The plush marigold benches and succulents on the table were a marvelous ambiance, and the food was rich and delicious.









Tasty french onion soup and brussels sprouts.




Yes, genuine iberico ham!



Ballard Annex Oyster House

All I need to say is DUNGENESS CRAB. We drove out to Ballard as I had read good reviews of the Annex Oyster House, and they were all correct.



The decor makes you feel like you are inside of a ship.









The lobster bisque was creamy and savory.



The mac and cheese was made with gigantic shells and crunchy panko breadcrumbs.



Yesss, oysters.



They serve us a little “cleaning” station.





Because the crab is gigantic and MESSY.






Bar Melusine

We hit many of the Renee Erickson restaurants in Seattle. Each one is superb. I think Bar Melusine was my favorite. The mermaid vibe and brunch  menu were out of this world, not to mention the service was fantastic! We loved our waitress! (Not only is she awesome, she has her own Etsy business)!




Such a dreamy space!











Even the serving plates are adorable. I need this set very badly!







Absolutely ENORMOUS steak fries, perfectly cooked, and a delicious aioli that I couldn’t stop eating… even after the fries were done.



This was one of the best things we ate, if not the best. It’s a crepe with dungeness crab. Not only was it one of the prettiest dishes we had, it was just absolutely mouth watering.





Gotta love all of the oyster stations at these Seattle restaurants utilizing local oysters. The Calm Coves were particularly dreamy. Smooth and briny… so wonderful!






These donuts will blow your mind. They’re simple, filled donuts, nothing elaborate, but they were wonderful. The lemon curd and peanut butter and jelly in particular are fantastic. I ended up going twice. The first time with Erin and Tom, and then I had to bring Nate back. (If you follow my snap story, this little place also boasts one of the nicest bathrooms ever. I know, I’m a weirdo, but it’s all marble and gold and gorgeousness).





Summer soda. Beautiful AND delicious.



I noticed quickly with the Renee Erickson restaurants that they are all light filled, and the food is not only intensely flavorful, but is also beautiful. They’re all instagram goals.










Barnacle is a small bar and bites next to the Walrus and the Carpenter. Because there was a wait for a table at the W&C, we popped into barnacle for a drink. SUCH a great decision.






We weren’t going to order food, but Nate was starving, so we added two plates to our drink order. This is hand shaved serrano jamòn. You can watch them slicing off pieces of the shank. It was so tasty!


Thin shaved zucchini with lemon and olive oil. Oh my goodness. You wouldn’t think it would be that special, but the dressing was tremendous and we just couldn’t stop eating it!



The Walrus and the Carpenter is a food blogger’s dream. It’s got all of these gorgeous vignettes, and the food is (as with all the other RE restaurants), both delicious and beautiful!

















Nate got an extremely tasty old fashioned.




Can’t stop, won’t stop eating all the oysters that Seattle has to order.







Even though we had the other zucchini dish at Barnacle, we couldn’t not order this… Completely different preparation, and so visually appealing! Every bite was incredible.




This scallop crudo was amazing. We almost had a fight over it.




Nate loves a good steak tartare. It was even prepared with the egg on top. I can’t pretend that I even tried this, because it is just not my thing, but Nate really enjoyed it.




As I have mentioned, I’m allergic to peppers. Deathly allergic. The chef very kindly made me a specially prepared pork belly, and it was crisp and flavorful, and almost overwhelming in its deliciousness. Such wonderful service at each of the Renee Erickson restaurants. There were a couple that we missed, so we’ll need to check them out next time. I think of all the RE restaurants, Bar Melusine was my favorite food of the trip.






Westward was such a unique experience. We managed to snag a brunch reservation for Sunday, and arrived a little early. They offered to let us wait for our table, or to seat us in the adirondacks. I will never say no to an adirondack chair and striped umbrella. Instead of a table, we ordered our meal from our our little seats with a view.


Aren’t the pink striped turkish towels and Veuve pillows darling?




We weren’t feeling hugely hungry, so we ate simply.


This was the special pastry, a bread pudding brioche. WOW. It was fantastic.




Oysters, oysters, oysters. Aren’t the tags too cute?




This was a roasted mushroom and polenta dish that was incredibly flavorful. Nate would have shoveled down all of the mushrooms without me had I not remained vigilant!




The view was the best dining view we had. Westward is a very unique experience, and I highly encourage it! When you eat at Westward, you can dine in an adirondack chair and just check out the beautiful, beautiful view.









As you can see, Seattle has some GREAT eats… and coffee shops! It’s a little foodie gem, and I really recommend a trip if you get the chance!

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