Best of Seattle Part 1

I had a fantastic time in Seattle! There were so many incredible sights to see, and places to visit. The food was amazing, and I got to squeeze in some time to visit with friends I haven’t seen in forever.



Upon my arrival, I set up a meeting with my PR/Marketing firm, Davies + Dixon. These ladies are the definition of lady bosses! They’re absolutely incredible. We had a fantastic meeting discussing plans for Teamwork and AWE. I am very lucky to know them!




Met up with Tom and Erin who took me to see the gum wall.





I have always wanted to see the gum wall… but up close, truly, it’s both beautiful and disgusting. It’s a visual masterpiece, but yeah, really, really gross. I wore this pineapple dress from J.Crew with a white linen double breasted blazer. I’ve been looking for an excuse to break this out, and I just absolutely loved it.








Nate and I have been baseball touring America since 2013. Since we were in town, we were thrilled to knock off stadium #12 of 30 at Safeco field to see the Mariners play the Mets.



Tom came along too. Two Yanks and a Red Sox fan…







We had to make a trip to the Public Market. It’s a stunning marketplace, and the signage is gorgeous. I wore this cute embroidered dress from J.Crew factory to bop around in.




The peonies! The flower stalls were so pretty! There were all kinds of farmer’s market type items, small gifts, and restaurants. The flowers were my favorite. So much loveliness!




A small little jazz band playing outside. They were very talented.





I’ve wanted to see the Fremont troll since I saw 10 Things I Hate About You! Checking off boxes left and right!


On our last day, we joined our friends Matthew and Elyse and took a trip to the Starbucks Reserve. It’s a must see! It’s where Starbucks tests out some of their newest creations and reserve coffees. We had some delicious drinks and the store is fantastic.














There was a Tetris Wall outside of our hotel (Hyatt at Olive 8). For our last dinner out, I threw on this quirky J.Crew striped Apron dress, and paired it with a gingham blazer.





Seattle at Night is stunning. I’ll post the rest of my places to see in another post!








Pineapple Dress: J.Crew | White Blazer: J.Crew | Embroidered Dress: J.Crew Factory | Striped Dress: J.Crew

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