Love in the Big Easy

Nate and I both travel a lot for work. Almost always, separately. Because I now work remotely, and am no longer bound by punching a time card in the office (metaphorically), I decided that rather sit at home while he’s gone for a month, I’d come along with him on some of his travels. After Seattle, I went home for a few days to see the dogs and change out clothes. He stayed in Seattle for work and flew directly to New Orleans for his AICPA Leadership Conference. Like Seattle, I set up some meetings in New Orleans and joined him there. The conference was at the Ritz, which happens to be around the corner from our favorite hotel (my favorite hotel)- the Roosevelt, so we booked there instead. Having been in Seattle with Nate all week, and then flying home without him, it was nice to get back to each other in NOLA.



I ended up getting on a work call that should have only been 30 minutes, but ended up going nearly two hours. Nate patiently waited (Nate is not known for his patience), and looked up a place for me to mail a shipment that I needed to send. Our home printer is broken, so I wasn’t able to drop it off at the post office before my flight. He printed the shipping label for me and found a post office that was open late in New Orleans and even though we were much later for dinner, he took me to the post office and helped me get it all squared away!



After a quick dinner, Nate invited me to attend the networking reception that he needed to go to. We headed over to Bourbon Street (much to my dismay) to meet up with his colleagues. The cab dropped us and since it was still light out and we were a little early, we decided to take a few photos.



This Camilyn Beth dress looks fantastic in this setting.














The reception was being held at Pat O’Briens which is a huge tourist trap and has an iconic tourist drink, the Hurricane. There is a signature glass, but Nate just ordered himself one in a regular cup while we waited for his colleagues. It’s a pretty courtyard, but unfortunately, it’s one of those places where people come to drink heavily and act stupid and there is the scent of smoke and vomit that pervades certain areas. When he didn’t hear back from his colleagues, we finally decided to leave.




I could tell that Nate was really disappointed that his industry colleagues were not to be found at the supposed “reception,” so I told him I’d take him someplace better and get him a tastier cocktail. We ducked into the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone. The main bar is a slow turning carousel, and the rest is a classy joint that makes spectacular cocktails. Needless to say it was just what the doctor ordered. Despite his disappointment, Nate observed that he was in New Orleans with his wife, staying at the Roosevelt (and upgraded to an awesome suite because of his super awesome wife’s crazy Hilton status), and was sipping a yummy cocktail and a great, classy place. There are far worse things in life. It was really nice to be there together, which is a rarity for us.




Dress: Camilyn Beth | Earrings: Loren Hope | Necklace: Loren Hope


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