An Event to Remember

This is the tale of a wedding I served as planner for a few weeks ago. It was one of the most unique moments I’ve experienced.

When Nate’s childhood friend Neal got engaged to his girlfriend, Meghan, we were thrilled. Neal and Meghan asked Nate to be the Best Man and he was over the moon. I of course, offered to help them with wedding planning if needed, because neither of them were avid wedding goers, but they seemed to have it under control. As few days before the wedding, they decided to take me up on my offer.

Managing day of coordination for a wedding is nothing new to me. I used to do it frequently in my early years as an event consultant, but really limit the number I do to a few for friends each year at this point, because wedding’s are just so beyond stressful. Bride’s tend to be a handful, but I’m happy to step in for the people I care about.

Oh dear. Unfortunately, the main hotel ended up being significantly further away from the wedding site than expected. Fortunately, the officiant and the wedding photographer were GREAT. Because the wedding photographer and I were able to debrief at the rehearsal (she came to the rehearsal. What a saint) she was all squared away for Meghan and Neal’s first look back at the hotel! I realized upon arrival, that the venue wasn’t going to cover a lot of the set up required, so the officiant (The nicest reverend you’ve ever met), helped me set up the dessert station, get the flowers, gift table, and guest signing areas set up. Once the groomsmen arrived, I was able to put them to work putting out little deflated beach balls on each ceremony chair for a group photo that would later take place.

Because of the layout of the place, there was a long, long walk to the beach “aisle,” so the ring bearer and flower girl were to wait down by the beach for their time.

I hate those cute little ring pillows that that they sell in shops, because the “tie ribbons” to “secure” the rings to the pillow are slippery and never tie well. Over the years, I have developed a specific tie that can keep those suckers on there. I had the bridal party lined up and I realized that the ring bearer had already headed down! I ran over to my backstage area and saw that the pillow was gone, so I assumed that he had taken the pillow.

Once I got the bride down to the bottom of the ramp and ready for her entrance, I raced down to the beach to confirm he had the rings. He did not. With all eyes on the bride making her way to the aisle, I frantically motioned to the bridal party- to find out where they were! One of the bridesmaids, realizing what had happened, frantically told me that the rings had been moved upstairs to the bridal suite. With a short ceremony and the bride heading our way, I kicked off my shoes and sprinted the quarter mile up the hilly parkland across the courtyard and up the stairs to the bridal suite. Seeing the pillow- I grabbed it and raced back to the beach. I arrived back just as the ceremony was beginning and held out the pillow to the ring bearer… only to notice to my horror that the rings were not there.

PANIC. Panic, panic, panic! I immediately realized that someone had untied the rings and they must be loose on the grounds!! PANIC. I began retracing my steps and fortunately a few of the guests quietly got up and started to assist me. One of the guests was the sweetest. She pressed her own wedding band and her husband’s into my hand and said, I know these will fit neal and meghan, use these for the ceremony. I handed off the fake rings to Nate and continued my search. Even as the wedding broke, I was still searching. After the photos, I pulled in some groomsmen to continue the search and ran inside to finalize the set up and get everyone staged for their entrance.

After the first dance, there was a lull, so I commandeered the groomsmen again and continued the search. After what felt like an hour, I glanced down and SAW NEAL’S RING. Thank goodness, Meghan’s was right beside it. We cheered and surprised them back inside with the rings! The officiant repeated the ring ceremony, and all was right with the world.

I have no idea who moved the rings, or who untied them, but I was so happy to find them, you have no idea. I’ve served as a planner for many a wedding, including attending a wedding where they forgot the marriage license (that was easily remedied). I cannot begin to describe the stress I felt, or the relief upon finding them. I didn’t want anything to derailMeg and Neal’s day. Fortunately, they both so easy going, they rolled with things like true champs. What a day!

For the wedding, I was thrilled to wear this gorgeous, beaded Adrianna Papell dress which matched my Kate Spade bow heels perfectly! These Loren Hope gems from Bishop Boutique created the perfect look. Yes, i conducted a full sprint and a search while wearing this dress (though I did kick off my heels first). It held up beautifully!

He’s the best man outside of this wedding too.

We ended up driving the getaway car upon leaving the wedding. Even after all the incredible food, we were still hungry! I mean, nothing says classy wedding more than a trip to Popeyes, right?

This was so Meg and Neal. Perfect end to a crazy day!

The rings! I will be able to picture their wedding bands until my dying day.

My Dress: Adrianna Papell (available in black)

3 thoughts on “An Event to Remember

  1. Just a couple bumps here and there, but even the best roller coasters have a few jostles along the way. And at the glorious end of it all, we still said, “DAMN, that was fun!” Many thanks to Mary for helping to make our day so smooth and special in dozens of obvious and covert ways. Please accept our first-born child as a symbol of our perpetual gratitude. (Phil said it was okay.)


  2. Oh man. That is one heck of a saga. You are a special kind of friend doing what you did. They are lucky to have you. And you look stunning in that dress. You are giving me some hints that I should give Loren hope jewelry a try.


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