Best of Seattle 3

Getting to visit Seattle for the first time this year was unreal, and I fell head over heels in love with this city. There are so many incredible sights! (See here, and here).


When I found out that I was returning to Seattle, (and so soon), I was thrilled! I knew it was the perfect opportunity to check off the rest of my “to do” list, and to check out some new things!



Museum of Pop Culture

The museum of pop culture is an absolutely stunning piece of architecture. Frank Gehry designed this gorgeous structure, and it was VERY cool to get to see it. Inside was a very eclectic experience. The MoPOP is a little mislabeled. They leave out large areas of pop culture, and instead focus a great deal on nerd culture.












The tornado of guitars! It’s an awesome piece.







Bowie Exhibition. The photographs were incredible.







They had a special Jim Henson exhibit!













There was a small exhibition on the Seahawks. Tom is tall, but not THAT tall.




There was literally a Star Trek exhibition.









Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival

I met up with my friend Tom for lunch, and we wandered straight into the Hawaiian Cultural Festival! There was live entertainment, food and vendor tents, and tons of Hawaiians. We decided to partake, and were delighted by the music and food.









The smells were INCREDIBLE. We finally ended up getting a steak and chicken dish and some incredible Hawaiian Lemonade. If the lines weren’t quite so long, I would have insisted on sampling far more! The lemonade was to die for. Sweet and a little tart, and just delicious!!








Pioneer Square

I was interested in Pioneer Square because of the restaurant London Plane, and I’d heard some good things about the area. It’s a little oasis in a gentrifying neighborhood. There are some very cool shops, and a wonderful park where you can play games, sit and read, eat lunch, or check out some very cool native art. I spent an hour or two working, and I really enjoyed the peacefulness. It was disturbed by a clearly incapacitated homeless man, who out of no where started screaming obscenities. One of the custodial staff confronted him and told him to leave. He then started screaming racial slurs at him. Unperturbed and standing his ground, the custodial staffer remained firm, unwavering, and finally the man left. It made me very pleased that there are still such good people in the world who will stand up for others. It appeared to be an isolated incident, and I highly recommend find some time to sit in this square after you’ve had lunch at one of the restaurants I’ll be blogging about tomorrow.

















Chihuly Garden and Glass

This was one of the highest items on my bucket list! I’ve been dying to check out a Chihuly exhibition rather than the odd piece or there, and it was just mind blowing. We were completely awed by each gorgeous piece. Words fail me, so I’ll just let you check out the photographs. Let me tell you that no picture can possibly do this justice. Absolutely a MUST see.



My parents were visiting Seattle for the first time, so I extended my trip by a day, and made plans with them to check out the Chihuly Gardens and spend the day. It was so much fun to get to sightsee with them and show them a few of my favorite spots. It was also wonderful to get to experience this exhibition together.



















Mom in the Chihuly glass light. Reminded me a lot of the Sagrada in Barcelona.



















This is an event space! It was closed to the public because they were doing a setup, but I really wanted to see this particular sculpture, so they let me in for a few minutes to check it out!



The Chihuly Glass Garden.




















Mom and Dad. It took a lot of takes before I finally got them both to smile!







Mom and Dad at the Space Needle.



Ballard Views

Seattle has some of the best views EVER. I challenge you to find a place that doesn’t have something lovely in the distance.







Hope I get the chance to visit again soon! I am too in love with this city! Tomorrow, check out my next post on Seattle Eats.


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