Friday Food: Seattle Eats 2

I am so excited to share today’s Friday Food post with you all! As I mentioned in my last post, I am in love with Seattle. Not only for the amazing sights, but the dining options are exquisite. I had made an extensive bucket list last time, and managed to knock off almost all of my restaurant wish list. This trip allowed me to nearly complete the list and then some. This is some of the finest dining I’ve had in a long time, so I hope when you get the opportunity to visit Seattle, you’ll check some of these fantastic places out!




Copal is not only one of the best meals i have ever had, but it’s one of the prettiest restaurants! I’m serious. I dream about their food. I can’t wait to return to Seattle, JUST to eat their food. I was so grateful to management! They worked very hard to make everything Mary Friendly, and they were incredibly attentive and kind.



They have a beautiful outdoor patio area with these fantastic pastel chairs!



Their interior is gorgeous.










I ordered a frozen margarita.



Guacomole and cotija cheese. The tortillas are handmade and amazing.




Grilled Salvadorean Cheese.



Grilled Corn with Cotija Cheese. This. Swoon. SWOON. It was so delicious, flavorful, and amazing, I can’t stop thinking about it.





Top Pot Donuts

This was a gem of a donut shop. It was the perfect place to set up mobile office, get some work done, and treat myself to a (not gluten free) donut. Really good. It’s easy to see why they have a cult following.













Sitka and Spruce

I have been dying to try Sitka and Spruce! I decided to meet up with my awesome friends Tom and Erin so that I could see them both this trip. The food was very inventive and unique. I was impressed with the creativity and the freshness of the flavors, but would make the recommendation to make the lighting a little better. It was VERY dark. That aside, it’s a cool dining experience, and I definitely recommend.


Pickled & Fermented Vegetables with a pickled egg
If you couldn’t guess, this one wasn’t my order, nor did I taste it. Erin really enjoyed it.



A Selection of Our Charcuterie
speck, country pate, baked ham, smoked pork rillette & pork gallantine with toasts & mustard



Really well put together, and while I am usually not a mustard person, the tastes that I got were really good. Definitely elevated the meats.






The chef kindly prepared this one for me to accommodate my allergy. Clams, farrow, dill, vanilla, and berries. I inhaled this. It was wonderful. Truly wonderful. I couldn’t stop eating.



Harico verts with egg



Dessert was a berry custard. We all partook in this one.



Ray’s Boathouse


With my parents joining me, I needed a nice, but still casual evening with clean flavors.



The waterfront views are pretty spectacular.





Starting off with a cocktail? Yes, please.




Steamed Manila Clams

White wine, butter, garlic, toasted baguette


Really, really yummy. Sometimes steamers can be a little gritty, but these were wonderful.



Pork Belly and Crispy Sablefish

Garlic braised pork belly, crispy smoked sablefish, sautéed summer greens, garden vegetables, miso glaze

This was sublime. The pork belly was delicious and the crispy sablefish was something very new for me. I really enjoyed the smoky flavor! The root veggies were the icing on the cake. I picked the restaurant for the views, but it was an A+ for food. It strongly reminds me of the Chart House in Alexandria, but with even better waterlines.




The London Plane

The London Plane was number one on my restaurant wish list, but I wasn’t able to make it last time. I used this opportunity to meet Mom and Dad who were vacationing in Seattle for lunch. Great, great choice. It’s light, airy, and just beautiful. They’re also very vegetarian friendly, and I know that Mom has been trying to cut down on her meat consumption, so it seemed like a fortuitous decision.




The London Plane is a restaurant, bakery, flowershop, and papergood store. Their baked goods are marvelous. I had one while I waited for Mom and Dad.







The flowers are stunning! I knew mom would enjoy them a lot, and I couldn’t stop staring at some of them.




















Mom got this gorgeous chicken salad. I definitely sneaked some of this. Just wonderful.



Dad ordered the tuna tartine. It’s kind of a tuna melt. He says he really enjoyed it a lot.



Heirloom tomato salad. The tomatoes were juicy and wonderful. The sea salt made them delicious.



Zucchini, pinenut, and goat cheese tartine. I have had some off the charts zucchini preparations in Seattle. This one was right up my alley and I thoroughly enjoyed it.






Hope you get the chance to try some of these! I can’t wait to go back and find more eating experiences (and maybe pay Copal another visit).


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