TomTom at Kate Spade Madison Avenue

I have said it many times, but the Kate Spade store at 789 Madison Ave is literally one of my favorite places on earth. If I could move in, I absolutely would! The entire place is perfection. To my absolute delight, one of my favorite artists, TomTom, whose work I have long been following, announced that he would be doing an event there! In honor of their #LeopardLeopardLeopard Launch, TomTom and the ladies of 789 Madison announced that he would be hand painting purses! I mean… In some magical twist of fate, I was able to work out my schedule to attend!



Pulling up in front of 789 always gives me a glow, but never as much as when I saw the entire store decked out in leopard!! Check out that gorgeous little leopard up on their balcony!! It reminded me a lot of the crystal light leopard that Cartier had during the holidays.



(Photo courtesy of Susan Ramsden)


Aren’t these incredible?? You got a choice of “Good Kitty” or “Playful Kitty.”



Their event room was bedecked with treats from Bistro Chat Noir. The hors d’oeuvres were divine. I had far too many of those little salmon on cucumbers. So much deliciousness.
















To my great joy, my friend Anna happened to be in the city that day and agreed to come meet me! (She and her husband Mike live in North Jersey, and she’s usually not available when I come to town). I just adore her. Anna is so much fun! Our husbands are old industry friends who met in their early 20’s. We were delighted to discover that we get along like gangbusters, and are pretty much in love with each other. It was so much fun getting to see her and hang in my fav. place!




My love Susan, of 789 Madison. She’s just the most wonderful!




With TomTom! It is always so nice to meet people whose work I admire. He is the absolute nicest, and we had such a nice time chatting about his style and work. Such a great experience!



I wore this stunning Kate Spade flutter dress that Susan helped me pick out months and months ago! Kate Middleton has the sister dress with sleeves, and it always makes me feel polished and like a princess. I wore it to teach in Seoul, and I just love it.











Isn’t his entourage so cute? These were the sweetest ladies, and they rocked the leopard print like it was their job! Such a fun evening!



I can’t wait for mine to arrive! Susan sent me a sneak peak so I could see!!



Dress: Kate Spade (No longer available, but several people selling through resale sites – Be cautious. Because Kate Middleton wore the sister dress, there are a lot of fakes)

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