The Museum of Ice Cream LA

I have been dying to see the Museum of Ice Cream ever since it debuted in NYC. As I was going to be in LA for a few days, I took a chance and made a listing on Craigslist… to my surprise, someone responded! Getting to see this whimsical and incredible installation was a true delight. I am so excited to share my experience with you!


Firstly, there is ice cream EVERYWHERE. All over the outside and their little courtyard.











Once you step inside, there are treats galore.






And their very own, “THAT pink door.” (More from me next week, as I got to visit the real one!) Once you go through the door, it opens into a pink disco wonderland.






Because i never anticipated getting MOIC tickets, I left my ice cream truck purse and heels at home! Fortunately I had my Can’t Clutch This Sprinkle purse with me! (The timing of that clutch release was fortuitous)! The dress is from ASOS. I loved the color and the sequins, and happened to pack it.





To showcase the LA location, they put a lot of Hollywood touches into this room.











A whole wall of banana leaves in yellow and pink? Life was excellent indeed.



Pink and white stripes? I was in heaven.



I brought my friend Jenn along, and we swung madly in this metallic banana hallway. Such fun!



A room of bananas? Yessssss.









I completely blended in the mint room!





Ring, ring! Excuse me, is this the most delightful place? Why it is? Thanks!



Gigantic popsicles? Yes please!











Walking out of the popsicle room, we found ourselves in a gummy bear disco inferno! Flashing lights, disco balls, and gigantic gummy bear statues awaited us.


















I am convinced that my entire life has been a build up to my chance to swim in a gigantic pool of sprinkles. OF SPRINKLES. (Mind they are not real sprinkles; they’re made of plastic, but that doesn’t make it any less of a #lifegoal I didn’t know I had).














I mean, who doesn’t want to swing on an ice cream sandwich!







They now have locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. I cannot recommend enough to go check them out if you can!




Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Kate Spade

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