Can’t Miss Colorful Sights in La La Land.

I have been to Los Angeles several times before, but I don’t feel like I’ve ever taken a solid deep dive into the city other than some of the main attractions. Knowing I’d be there for a conference, I asked one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Hello Katie Girl for some recommendations! She had some really fabulous ideas, and I am so grateful that she introduced me to some fabulous, colorful LA spots! I thought I’d share a few of her recs and some of my own discoveries with you today!

On a sidenote, yes, I want to acknowledge that I’m very sorry I’ve been so slow getting new content posted to the blog. I have literally been traveling every week for the past six weeks (and am currently in Spain). Since the beginning of November I’ve been spending at least 5 days a week in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Kunshan China, San Antonio, Seoul South Korea, and now Malaga Spain. Between all of the airplane travel, time changes, and being so much on the go (almost every trip has been work related), I’ve barely had a moment to breathe, let alone photo edit, upload, and draft content. I have been capturing lots of exciting things for future posts, and I’m in talks with a fabulous consultant that I met at Create and Cultivate for a fabulous blog refresh. Just bear with me as I try to get some catch up in before the holidays, and then I plan to start the new year off with a better than ever Seersucker Optional!


This beauty is at the Chinese Laundry headquarters in Culver City and was exactly what I needed to sum up this trip. It’s an absolutely stunning mural. For scale, I’ve included a photo of myself in my post tomorrow, so you can see how large it is. Definitely worth a stop in!


There is an adorable plaza called the Bloc, with a great little urban “park” and some shops and restaurants. It’s also a hot bed of fantastic wall art and quirky signs. Katie recommended this, and I am glad she did! I never would have found it on my own. I was flying solo, so no pic with the angel wings, but it’s a fabulous area and I highly recommend dropping by!


If you love wall art, the Los Angeles Arts District is where you want to be! There are hundreds of gorgeous murals and street art everywhere.


I stopped into the beautiful furniture gallery Leclaireur to look at some pieces and I discovered the most beautiful item I have ever seen. Marc Ange’s Le Refuge is the most perfect creation I have ever encountered. This stunning day bed is just lovely.


I’ve been here before, but I had to include it as they’re both so iconic!

If you get the chance to visit LA, I hope you get the chance to check out some of these sights!

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