Holiday Cheer

We had a wonderful holiday at home with family. Because my schedule is so bananas, I have only been home once or twice this year… even missing Thanksgiving. Getting to spend the weekend with my parents, brother, Nate, and the pups, was such a gift. I got to visit with my cousin Katie and her beautiful family (three boys under 5 are so much fun- they get bigger so fast), my aunt and uncle and their new pup, and (hopefully) some of my friends that I’ve barely seen this year.

Nate got us a brand new 27′ Mac desktop in November, so we didn’t want to go crazy with gift giving, but he got me a few items including a fabulous coat, and I got him a Ralph bear sweater and some silly penguins.

I absolutely love this outfit. The RL flannel is so soft, and the pretty crystal insignia paired really well with this fabulous skirt from Talbots! (Both are currently on sale- link at the bottom). I know some people think it’s weird to mix patterns (like plaid and polka dot), but I don’t care.

Hope your holidays were filled with good food, festive cheer, and a lot of love! ❤️

Skirt: Talbots

Top: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Talbots (similar)

Earrings: Loren Hope

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