Hotel and Dining Guide to Palm Springs

Part of what I love most about Palm Springs is that it is like no where else in the world. It feels like you are stepping back in time, where Old Hollywood glamour exists, and where you can find both casual desert vibes and upscale luxury coexisting. I was fortunate enough to visit in the winter, so the extreme desert heat wasn’t scorching, but it was still easily warm enough for some sun and pool time. The pool scene in Palm Springs is fairly epic. Next time I’ll be bringing all the pool floats.

With Modernism Week kicking off this week in Palm Springs, and my extreme FOMO, I thought I’d do a post for those of you who are lucky enough to be there! Here are some of the fabulous hotels I got the opportunity to visit when I was last there, and as some of the best restaurants in town are inside these magnificent properties, here are some of my favorite dining picks as well!


The Riviera Hotel has a gorgeous lobby, and one of the nicest valets I’ve ever met. Their hotel has all of these absolutely gorgeous vignettes that made me dreamy with decor envy.


One of the restaurants at the Riviera, Cantala provided me with one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. The food is just wonderful. We had the burrata and truffle fries, and I had the roasted chicken. All were delicious. The standout was the pasta. It was so delicious that I couldn’t stop eating it… even though it was definitely not gluten free. I t was exceptional. Our service was excellent as well.

ACE Hotel and Swim Club

The ACE Hotel has some fantastic retro vibes. It’s got a fun and kitschy roadside kind of theme, but in a fun, boho way. We headed straight for the pool bar, and got ourselves some tasty cocktails. There was music playing and the lights were on because dusk was just falling. The pool is beautiful, so we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

The Saguaro

I have long desired to visit the Saguaro, and finally got my opportunity. We opted to stay here, and truth be told, I was a little disappointed in the quality of our sleeping rooms. I love historic hotel properties, so I do not need to have an ultra modern hotel experience, but our room was very dated, (I know that the Saguaro is an older property), and the walls were cracked and the lighting poor. On the plus, the colorful room was a fun aesthetic and where the room was lacking, the hotel itself is delightful. The rainbow of colors is so joyous, especially when overlooking the palm trees and mountain backdrop. The outdoor space has lots of fantastic areas, including a fire pit, and the pool was just what the doctor ordered. Sitting on our balcony overlooking the pool, I must again emphasize that the aesthetics are very cool and it’s definitely worth a drop by! The location was good and the parking situation was easy and breezy.

The Venue

Sometimes you can’t survive without sushi. Though a little out of the way, the Venue had delicious, high end sushi, with delicious cocktails, and a hip vibe. If you happen by during the day, it’s in the middle of a beautiful shopping grove, with some enviable shops. The sushi was incredibly fresh, each roll had a little twist that made it interesting and very, very yummy. There is an extensive saki menu as well!

The Parker

The Parker Palm Springs is beyond dream life. From the moment I pulled up to this magnificence, I was in heaven. The stunning facade and orange door made me feel like I was entering Wonderland. (I was).



White walls and suits of armor greeted me, as well as an explosion of Jonathan Adler.





You move from one lounge room to another, each more #decordreams than the last!



I plopped myself down in one of these swing chairs and just relaxed for an hour.


Yes, there is a real firepit indoors.




Mini Bar

The mini bar is so beautiful! From these plush embellished turquoise doors to jonathan adler finishes inside, it’s all just amazing. When you walk inside, you’re immediately transported from a fun modern era into an art deco delight. I had a quick snack and a cocktail before heading out. The sliders are marvelous.





Counter Reformation

The Parker is also know for their hidden wine bar, Counter Reformation. I had to ask someone to lead me there. You exit the hotel and walk along a little path until you reach it.



The service was fantastic. I took a seat at the bar, and immediately drooled over the menu. It’s a heavily Spanish menu, and I was so grateful. There is a delectable full bread and butter service. I’m not one for olives, but I was told that theirs are fantastic.



The croquettas are spectacular!


A jambon and tomato bread platter went perfectly with my wine.


These were perfectly cooked scallops. I find it rare to see scallops with a flawless sear. These were beautifully prepared! The chef himself came out to chat with me. He and the bartenders were just lovely. This was an exquisite meal. As a solo traveler I can not recommend enough.


The icing on the proverbial cake was the famed foie gras macaron. FOIE GRAS MACARON. It was the most Mary food I have ever encountered. And it was everything I could want and more.


Palm Springs is such a magnificent place to visit! I cannot begin to recommend enough! I hope you get the chance to visit some of these wonderful places!

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