Sparkly Skirt in Colorful Nashville

This skirt is definitely one of my “holy grail” shopping moments. From the minute I first saw it at Anthropologie, I tried to buy it… but it sold out instantly and never restocked. Pastel rainbow sequins? gahhh. I assumed I’d just add it to my list of items I’m trying to stalk on Ebay and Poshmark, when I happened into an Anthropologie in New Orleans over the holidays and low and behold they had one in my size! (And on sale. And with an extra 40% off). Shopping Karma.


Heading to Nashville for a professional conference for the very first time, I was excited to check out the city. I wasn’t sure what the dress is like, since I had never been, but I decided that I couldn’t go wrong with this skirt. I paired it with a short sleeved velvet bow sweater in blush pink from Kate Spade, and my now go-to Kate Spade pearl buckle heels. Since it was warmer climates (supposedly – it snowed the day I left). I brought along my Cult Gaia purse.


I have long been obsessed with wall art and murals. I think they completely elevate a city, and I love seeing them popping up all over! Since blogging, I’ve had a couple of walls that I’ve been dying to shoot in front of, and these two were at the top of my list!



This blue and white wall on the side of the Draper James store is just wonderful. It combines the beautiful Draper James blue and white, and the stripes just give it a fantastic aesthetic! I loved pairing the vertical stripes with the vertical stripes!







Had to reward myself and my dear friend Sarah for our hard work at the Cupcake ATM!





This pink and white is such a dream in photos. In real life, it’s actually on the side of a small beauty supply store a little out of the ways on Gallatin which is a less ritzy area. A homeless gentleman watched our shoot and made composition suggestions, which was pretty hilarious. I was surprised by the location, but happy to get the chance to take some photos there. I decided I’d rather keep my purse with me and have it be in the pictures than leave it just sitting out, as I normally would do. Not trying to downplay this location in any way, but if anyone else chooses to go there, I would be prepared, as it surprised me. On my way to this wall, I also changed lipsticks. The pale shimmer gloss seemed too light for this backdrop, so I threw on a darker shade.















Sweater: Kate Spade

Bamboo Purse: Cult Gaia

Shoes: Kate Spade

Skirt: Anthropologie (Sold Out)

Here are some similar options:

SHEIN ($25), ELOQUII ($50), INTERMIX ($525)


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