Best of Nashville Guide

I love traveling to and exploring cities, but it’s especially fun for me when I have never been there before! This was my first trip to Nashville, and I was so excited to check out Music City! Based on recommendations from the CVB, Lyft drivers, and responses to my insta-stories, I made it to almost everything I wanted to see and I thought I’d share with you some of the beautiful and colorful city of Nashville!



The main part of Nashville has to be Broadway. Walking down the street, every bar has live music, and there are shining lights and welcoming people ushering you indoors. Nearly every cab/lyft driver I had told me that they’re also a musician and perform at… insert name of bar on Broadway here on insert day and insert time. It was charming and kind of funny by the last time! I will plug one of my drivers… Jeremy Johnson is part of a folk band called the Belle Hollows. He was so nice and we had a great conversation as he took me to the airport. He told me about his band and their journey, and was so humble, I finally had to insist that he play me some of their music. I think it’s beautiful, so I encourage you to check them out!! This is my favorite.


Tootsie’s is without a doubt the iconic honky tonk to visit. We were fortunate to be able to grab a table out on their deck! It got outrageously packed, but we were fine outdoors. We could hear the music and feel the energy without getting overheated and packed in. It was such a different scene from what I’m used to, and I really enjoyed getting to bop along to the music with so many of my industry friends. During the day, I was obviously drawn to Tootsie’s when I passed it, because who doesn’t love a beautiful, lavender building right in the middle of the main stretch?? Highly recommend stopping by one evening!

Legend’s Corner

Legends is right next door to Tootsie’s, and frankly, my friend Sarah and I ducked in there for a few to get away from some rowdy drunks and wait for our Lyft. It’s so cool to see how many iconic musicians have played at these lounges, and it gives each place a very unique vibe with great energy.

Arts District

The arts district has some pretty nifty street art and galleries. I was surprised to see so much beautiful artwork all over. It’s vibrant and imbued with deep messages.

Wings in the Gulch

I love a good piece of wall art, and I of course had to check out these wings. Kiki was so excited for the tiny wings, and I have a much better photo of her being a tempermental child angel than mine, but how adorable are the tiny wings? I had to park my butt on the sidewalk to get this photo, but I thought it was a very cool set to see these gorgeous and grandiose wings next to the miniature set.

L27 at the Westin

We threw an AWE meet up at the Westin’s rooftop bar and I was blown away by how cool it is! Spectacular views and an infinity pool? You should definitely make a visit! (Also the food was fantastic).

Musician’s Hall of Fame

The Closing Reception was held here. It’s a gorgeous arena and Little Big Town performed a concert for us! They are fanatic live!

I Believe in Nashville Wall

Aside from Draper James, this is by far the coolest wall in Nashville. Best part? Right across from the Draper James Wall.


Don’t forget to visit the Sprinkles ATM and Pink and White Wall as well!



Draper James

Every since Draper James launched, I’ve been on a mission to visit their flagship store in Nashville. It was my number one agenda item while in town! My friend Jessica was eager to visit as well (Preparers unite), so we planned an excursion. It’s everything you could hope for. The staff is incredibly sweet, and upon arriving you are offered sweet tea in a little branded cup. The selection is fantastic and the little details are just darling. It’s a gorgeous retail experience, and of course I left with some new items!

Two Hippies

The Two Hippies store is fairly iconic. While a little outside of my personal style aesthetic, there were definitely some drool worthy pieces of apparel and the accessories were fantastic! It was like walking into a gigantic treasure chest.


Flip Nashville is a MUST. This high end consignment shop had a GLORIOUS selection of designer pieces. I tried on several pairs of Chanel and Gucci heels before i spotted a pair of Louboutin Biancas in my size. For $300. They retail for nearly $1000 and these were in excellent condition! I got another pair of Louboutin peeptoes foe $186. They are all authenticized and I was gob smacked to find the selection. GO THERE. (Plus their staff is so lovely! Kiki tried on a pair of Anthropologie sequin joggers, – if you follow my insta stories you know the saga – and the staff weighed in on her selection and offered suggestions to accessorize).

Bow Top: Cece

Pink Velvet Pants: J.Crew

Crest Loafers: Hubbell Hille

Ice Cream Necklace: Sparkle Bomb

Tartan Jacket: Brooks Brothers

Bow flats: Brooks Brothers

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