ASOS Sequin “Ice Cream” Dress

It’s very obvious that I love brightly colored dresses from ASOS. I found this tie strap sequin dress a long time ago, but I never thought it would fit, because on the website, it doesn’t look cut for someone with my proportions. It recently went on sale, and as I have been eying it for so long, I thought I’d take a gamble and try it out. To my surprise and pleasure, it fits beautifully. Perhaps even a trifle large. I just love the pastel colors and the pastel sequin stripes and was so excited to wear this. To me this dress screams “ICE CREAM,” so I paired it with my incredible stunner necklace from Sparkle Bomb.



I discovered Sparkle Bomb at the EDIT tradeshow. A woman was wearing this exact necklace and I was mesmerized by it. I finally approached her to ask where it was from, and she told me that her friend has a small jewelry company called Sparkle Bomb! I immediately looked her up, and finally took the leap by purchasing this necklace and a ring. Her jewelry is so much fun! I will be purchasing more in the future, but for the time being, this ice cream necklace is a whimsical delight and was absolutely perfect for this dress! It’s definitely a conversation piece. People stop me all the time to ask about it.







I actually brought this mini ice cream fan with me to keep my makeup intact! It was a VERY hot day, and thank goodness for my Fenty Beauty makeup. The foundation is a little heavier than I normally wear for every day, but for shooting in the heat? It was perfect! I also love Rihanna’s contour and highlighting sticks and they are so affordable! My highlighter is a color called Metal Moon, and it is just beautiful. It’s very subtle, but really pops in photos! Should I do a post about my makeup routine? Let me know!







This day was sweltering, and there was an artisanal ice pop place right by where we were shooting. I decided to drop in, and they had a unicorn pop! Obviously, that needed to happen. It absolutely saved me in this heat, and went perfectly with my dress as well! The only issue was we had to dramatically speed up our photo shoot… the Miami heat was definitely enough to melt the ears and sprinkles right off of this adorable treat. How cute is this? The ears really did it for me. I thought it was just darling… and it was delicious as well!























Dress: ASOS

Heels: ASOS

Necklace: Sparkle Bomb

Earrings: Bauble Bar (Similar)

Purse: Cult Gaia

Headband: Nordstrom (Similar 1, Similar 2)

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