J.Crew Sequin Dress in Miami

One of the things that really makes Miami stand out is its very sleek and glamorous style. I had been eyeing this J.Crew sequin dress for months and months with the intention of wearing it for New Years Eve. In a true story life behind the scenes moment- I can reveal that I flew home from New Orleans (I went for a mileage run) on NYE, with full intentions of attending one of four events later that evening… the reality was that I landed at 2pm, and promptly passed out on the couch. Nate woke me at 10pm to go to bed for real. Completely missed the ball drop, and ushered in 2018 passed out from exhaustion. Not exactly the slick night out in a sequin disco dress as planned… since I didn’t get to wear it for New Years, this gorgeous dress has been sitting in my closet, and what better place to finally debut it than Miami!

The tie straps are such a great look, but it is difficult to line them up so that the dress is symmetrical! I was torn between the different colors that J.Crew offered this dress in, but I knew that the silver and black was the right call. It definitely gives off this fabulous disco ball quality.

Here’s a throwback for you all. It reminds me so much of another silver sequin dress I used to own. This is an old coworker and me at our office Halloween party at least 7-8 years ago. I think I went as a human disco ball… the dress was so low cut, I used shiny duck tape to create a cleave-guard. I am pretty sure those gargantuan holographic sparkle heels are my junior prom shoes and yes, I am wearing silver nail polish. Wow.

This J.Crew dress is absolutely the grown up version of the old dress. I guess taste and style might evolve, but never fully changes!

I originally wanted something icy and crystal for jewelry, but it just didn’t pair well. After going through nearly my entire collection of crystal necklaces (if you have seen my closet photos, you know that’s a LOT of Loren Hope to try on), I realized that this silver disco dream needed some pops of color. I finally settled on this older but one of my all time favorite Loren Hope necklaces and these 80’s chic LH dangly earrings. I threw in an anklet and wrapped a necklace around my wrist as a bracelet.

I also chose to go with sleeker, straight hair instead of waves. Unfortunately the humidity did not want to fully cooperate, but I got it as straight as I could!

Feeling pretty as a picture! (I know, I know, so cheesy…)

This dress had me empowered like a freaking super hero. Everyone should try wearing something incredibly glam that makes you feel strong, and sexy, and powerful. For me, it was definitely this dress. It made me feel sparky inside and out, and I absolutely adore it. Not to mention, it definitely made me feel and look a lot slimmer than my curves would normally dictate. Well played J.Crew! It’s really difficult for me to resist buying it in every color they offer. They’re all so pretty!

Dress: J.Crew

Earrings: Loren Hope

Bracelet: Loren Hope ( I wore this necklace as a bracelet wrapped around my wrist).

Heels: Kate Spade

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